Laura Ingraham was shocked to discover how Joe Biden wrecked this one Democrat city

Jan 24, 2024

Joe Biden has inflicted massive damage on the country during his time in the White House.

Even Democrat strongholds are feeling the pain from his failed policies.

And Laura Ingraham was shocked to discover how Joe Biden wrecked this one Democrat city.

Every state became a border state after President Joe Biden threw the southern border wide open and flooded the country with illegal aliens.

Democrat cities are now being overwhelmed by illegal aliens that are pushing them to the breaking point.

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston said that the Mile High City is taking in more illegal aliens per capita than any other major city in America.

“Denver is ground zero for America’s migrant crisis because we are the single largest recipient per capita of migrants of any city,” Johnston told Politico. “We are averaging about 200-250 people that arrive every day by buses from the border. We have more than 4,500 people in the shelter system on any given night. Our migrant arrivals over the last year have added 5% to the entire city’s population alone.”

Denver’s social services are on the verge of collapse due to the flood of illegal aliens pouring into the city.

Denver experiencing a “humanitarian crisis” from illegal aliens

During an appearance on The Ingraham Angle, Denver Health Chief of Government Affairs Dr. Steve Federico told Fox News host Laura Ingraham that the city’s hospital system is dealing with a historic crisis because of the costs associated with illegal aliens.

Denver Health operates a taxpayer-funded safety net hospital that has been stuck with an increasingly expensive tab for providing care to illegal aliens.

In 2023, the hospital’s cost for uncompensated care jumped from $60 million to more than $130 million and is expected to soar even higher because of the growing number of illegal aliens in the city.

“We absolutely need additional public support to help provide health care to our safety net hospitals such as Denver Health,” Federico said. “Just to be clear, the $135 million of uncompensated care was something that Denver Health was experiencing before the population that recently arrived here to Denver. So the ability to provide and expand care to them has been greatly limited by our financial status prior to the arrival of migrants.”

Federico and Johnston have pleaded with Washington, D.C., to take action to relieve the strain on the city.

“And so, we’re needing to respond to this huge humanitarian crisis in our emergency rooms and our clinics. And so what we’re looking for is for policymakers to step up — step up and fund appropriately the health care providers that are providing this care,” Federico explained. 

 Denver is trying to deal with its illegal alien problem by pawning them off on New York City.

Colorado Democrat Governor Jared Polis paid for buses to send illegal aliens to New York City, which is also feeling the strain from caring for illegal aliens.

Denver and New York proudly tout their sanctuary status, but when the rubber meets the road, it is all virtue signaling for Democrat officials. 

The immigration crisis under Joe Biden is crushing cities far from the border, like Denver.

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