Leftists found themselves forced to “fact check” this hilarious viral parody video of Joe Biden

Aug 5, 2022

Biden’s administration is the biggest joke this nation has ever seen.

Even parody videos seem like they could be from the nightly news.

And leftists found themselves forced to “fact check” this hilarious viral parody video of Joe Biden.

Biden’s freakshow

When Biden was hurled into the White House after the 2020 election, everyone knew his administration was going to be run by left-wing extremists.

But no one could ever have imagined just how big of a freak show his administration would become.

People would have paid good money back in the day to witness Biden’s traveling freak show in person.

First, the show would start off with the Great Zoltar fortune teller in Kamala Harris who says so much and nothing at all at the same time.

Behind the next curtain you have the bearded lady in Sam Brinton, the United State’s manager of nuclear waste, who is also the in-house kink expert.

If that wasn’t enough excitement and freakishness for the crowd, then Biden’s administration would roll out the trannie and Mitch McConnell’s doppelganger Rear Admiral Rachel Levine.

Throw in the European girl who thinks she is Pocahontas as a side act . . .

Last but not least, the freak show would conclude with the dementia ridden ringleader himself in Joe Biden who thinks he is actually President of the United States.

This freak show would be funnier if it wasn’t real life and running our nation.

Biden the Great Wanderer

Biden himself creates enough entertainment for us all as the man apparently has no cognitive ability left in his brain.

And when his handlers let him loose the man wonders like a lost dog.

Just look at what he has done when he gets let loose.

The man can’t use the stairs.

He forgets that he is on a bike during a Sunday afternoon ride.

Biden randomly turns around for handshakes.

And every once in a while he has to be corralled by the Easter Bunny.

But one of the funniest clips of his wandering ability thus far has been when he just wandered off the stage when his wife was giving a speech.

Now we can’t blame him for wandering off when Jill talks, most of America would do the same thing.

But the video gave light to some of the funniest parody videos including one of Biden chasing an ice cream truck.

Fact-checking parody

Well, low and behold, the viral parody video of Biden running away at the sound of an ice cream truck got fact-checked.

And to make matters worse when you click on the fact checked link, it reads:

Social media users are sharing a video of U.S. President Joe Biden walking away momentarily during a speech given by U.S. First Lady Jill Biden and claiming that he was distracted by an ice cream truck. The video being shared, however, has been digitally edited to include music usually played by an ice cream truck.

Now that’s embarrassing.

It’s a sad day when fact-checkers have to clarify whether or not the President of the United States was chasing down an ice cream truck.

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