Marjorie Taylor Greene issued this warning about Donald Trump that will terrify Republicans

Nov 9, 2023

Donald Trump is still the leader of the Republican Party.

There are many in the GOP establishment that don’t want that to be the case.

And Marjorie Taylor Greene issued this warning about Donald Trump that will terrify Republicans.

Republicans weren’t happy with the results of the off-year elections in Kentucky and Virginia.

Establishment Republicans seized on Democrat Andy Beshear defeating Mitch McConnell protégé Daniel Cameron in the Kentucky gubernatorial election and the Democrats winning control of both houses of the state legislature in Virginia to falsely claim Donald Trump led the GOP to an election defeat.

Trump had no involvement in the Virginia races, and his endorsement of Cameron helped the Republican challenger close a yawning polling gap with the popular incumbent, Beshear.

In a series of posts on X, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene said conservatives were tired of the Republican Party refusing to fight Joe Biden and hold the Democrats accountable for COVID lockdowns, online censorship, and weaponizing the justice system against Donald Trump and his supporters.

“Our voters are not inspired to vote for a party that wants to play nice and refuses to hold accountable communists who locked everyone down during the scamdemic, violated their free speech and censored us on social media, steals elections, weaponizes the government against (us) it’s political enemies and is persecuting people, rips our border open to the entire world and floods our country with millions of unknown people and terrorists, funds every foreign war but refuses to defend our own border, and sexually grooms our children to the point they are cutting off their own body parts to ‘change their gender’ before they are even finished growing up,” she wrote.

Greene blasted the Republicans looking to dump Trump, as the GOP base now contains more irregular voters who only turn out for Trump in Presidential years.

“Republican voters are energized and cannot wait to vote for President Trump because he is addressing every issue I just named and they trust him to fix these insane problems we have and the American people believe he is the only one that will actually do it,” Greene added.

“Every poll shows it to the dismay of Trump hating establishment Republicans and Trump deranged Democrats who are both united in their quest to stop Trump but more accurately stop the people,” Greene continued.

“Just wait until the Republican Party finds out how bad turnout will be once the days of Trump rallies and Trump on the ticket are finally gone,” Greene stated.

“They will try their best to pretend to be him but the people will not be fooled by their rhetoric anymore and bold actions will be the only campaign speeches they will turn an ear to even hear,” Greene concluded.

A clear pattern is emerging in the Trump era.

The GOP base is loyal to Trump and will turn out for him.

Republicans won the 2016 election, and Trump on the ballot in 2020 spurred the GOP to gain 14 seats in the House of Representatives at a time when so-called “experts” predicted a 20-seat loss for the Party.

But GOP turnout suffers when Trump isn’t on the ballot in midterm or off-year elections.

Republicans who wish Trump would just go away do so at their own peril since there is no guarantee that the voters he brought into the GOP will stick around for another standard bearer.

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