Marjorie Taylor Greene just challenged Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to one debate that every American wants to see

Feb 23, 2023

Alexandria Ocsio Cortez has been a champion of the Green New Deal ever since it first hit the press.

But Ocasio-Cortez has been covering up the truth about her legislation from really getting out.

And Marjorie Taylor Greene just challenged Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to one debate that every American wants to see.

The amount of horrible bills that come out of Washington, D.C. are astonishing.

Insanity runs rampant in Washington, D.C.

In the latest Omnibus spending bill, Congress gave the “[email protected] Coalition” $750,000 to provide “supportive services for Transgender and Gender nonconforming and Intersex (TGI) immigrant women in Los Angeles.”

Also in the bill was a whopping $2 million to the “Great Blacks in Wax” museum.

But of all the horrible pieces of legislation that has passed through the halls of Congress, few come close to being as wretched as the Green New Deal.

Proponents of the Green New Deal push ideas like rebuilding every building in America to make it energy efficient.

According to the bill, businesses would be required to “retrofit every building in America.”

The Green New Deal also called for the end of air travel in the United States and for “high speed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary.”

Ocasio-Cortez just embarked on a media blitz to try and sell the Green New Deal to the American people.

But now it looks like someone is finally ready to challenge Ocasio-Cortez over the Green New Deal.

Marjorie Taylor Greene wants a debate that America deserves

During an appearance on Fox News Channel, Marjorie Taylor Greene called out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for not wanting to debate her over the Green New Deal.

“I actually challenged AOC to debates multiple times, and she has refused to debate me, and I wanted to specifically debate her on the Green New Deal,” Greene said. “I wanted to challenge her as a successful business owner and an American taxpayer on her ideas that will completely change the way our country functions, not only with energy, but in our entire economy, but AOC couldn’t do it.”

Greene finished by calling Ocasio-Cortez a “chicken.”

“You want to know why? She’s chicken, and she isn’t brave enough to defend those ideas because they’re not her own,” Greene added.

Americans could only hope for such a debate.

But everyone knows that Ocasio-Cortez or any other Democrat will never debate the Green New Deal because they can’t defend all the insanity in the bill.

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