McDonald’s shut down for this insane reason

Jun 26, 2024

Customers aren’t going to be able to enjoy a Big Mac or a Happy Meal anytime soon.

The public was taken by surprise.

And McDonald’s shut down for this insane reason.

California continues to go down the tubes

Democrats in California continue to make life as difficult as possible for business owners.

That’s because Democrats refuse to heed the laws of economics.

One of the hard and fast rules Democrats continue to ignore is the fact that the real minimum wage is zero.

Democrats think they can just legislate workers’ raises by passing minimum wage increases.

But business owners can only pay what the market will bear.

Now thousands of California fast food workers are learning this lesson the hard way after the state passed a new law mandating a $20 minimum wage in the fast food industry.

Over 9,500 employees lost their jobs.

Scott Rodrick closed down the McDonald’s he operated outside of San Francisco for 30 years.

ABC News 7 explained the two reasons Rodrick shut down.

“First, he said the landlord was unwilling to negotiate a long term and sensible rent for the Stonestown location,” ABC 7 exclusively reported.

“Second, the cost of operating a business in San Francisco continues to accelerate at historic levels, he said. The new $20 minimum wage for California fast food workers contributed to the strain to keep the location open,” the report continued.

Rodrick said this was one of the toughest days of his life.

“This is a gut wrenching day for my family,” Rodrick told the outlet.

A predictable disaster

When Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom signed the fast-food minimum wage increase into law, Rodrick warned there would be pain ahead.

Rodrick told CNN that Democrats can’t just raise prices on business owners and not expect customers and employees to be the ones hurt.

“As a business owner, when you’re dealing with this kind of extraordinary overnight change, you know, a 25% increase in wages . . . [no] stone has to remain unturned,” Rodrick stated.

When costs go up, a business owner has two choices to maintain profit margins – raise prices or trim expenses.

Rodrick hinted he would have to pick laying off employees as raising prices wasn’t a sustainable business model. 

“And so we have looked at price, although I can’t charge $20 for a Happy Meal. My customers’ appetite to absorb menu board prices is not unlimited,” Rodrick added.

Democrats don’t care.

They think raising the minimum wage means they are compassionate do-gooders who care about the little guy.

But raising the minimum wage has the exact opposite effect in practice.

Raising the minimum wage hurts those at the bottom of the economic ladder because it means fewer jobs.

An increase in price leads to a decrease in demand.

Students learn that on the first day of Economics 101.

But Democrats continue to prove that they skipped that class.

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