Meghan Markle is facing one major decision that will change her life forever

Jun 25, 2024

Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry are among the most infamous members of the British Royal Family in recent history.

But the two are quickly running out of runway.

And Meghan Markle is facing one major decision that will change her life forever.

A fork in the road for Harry and Meghan

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry caused a schism in the Royal Family.

Markle and Harry quit their Royal duties in 2020 and decamped to California to make it big in Hollywood.

But their initial foray fell flat as their podcast deal collapsed, and no one on the A-List wants anything to do with them, as associating too closely could hinder any chances of opening a play or movie in London if Prince Willian and the rest of the remaining Royal Family members decide to make life difficult due to a link to Harry and Meghan.

Prince Harry can’t even get a meeting with his father, King Charles, if he travels to London, and Prince William and Kate Middelton reportedly can’t stand the woke Markle.

Christopher Andersen, author of The King, told Fox News that the relationship is beyond repair.

“Harry and Meghan have drifted so far out to sea as far as King Charles III and Prince William are concerned,” Andersen said.

“There is really no foreseeable way in which they’ll ever be welcomed back,” Andersen added.

Andersen said Prince Harry is too proud to beg for forgiveness, and the best he can do is be on the same level as Prince Andrew, Harry’s disgraced uncle, who got sued by Virginia Giuffre after Giuffre sued Prince Andrew for sexual assault after Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficked her.

“Even if Harry was to throw himself at the king’s feet and beg for forgiveness – which Harry is not about to do – the best he could hope for would be crumbs from the royal table, and the sort of grudging acceptance that is currently being afforded to Harry’s disgraced uncle, Prince Andrew,” Andersen said.

Harry and Meghan’s only chance to de-escalate tensions with the Royal Family is to stop using their former status as Royals to make money and trash the Royal Family.

“If Harry and Meghan are determined to monetize their titles, then they’ll just be digging that hole deeper and deeper,” Andersen continued. 

Prince Harry and Meghan’s error

A 2021 interview with Oprah where Harry and Meghan accused the Royal Family of racism torched bridges to Charles, Prince William, and the now deceased Queen Elizabeth.

Harry’s 2023 memoir, Spare, where he claimed he and William got into a physical altercation after William attacked Markle, as well as his less than flattering portrayal of King Charles’ wife Queen Camilla, obliterated any chance of reconciliation.

That’s because Charles, William, and Kate all saw them as opportunists who quit their Royal duties but were happy to use the titles to fluff their bank account.

There is some indication Harry and Meghan are following this advice.

Meghan is now a celebrity lifestyle brand influencer in California.

The two also signed a deal with Netflix to produce content in the lifestyle genre.

Andersen says following this course of action could be their ticket to a détente.

“But if they simply use their California-centric celebrity to build their brand and steer clear of overtly capitalizing on the Sussex name and Windsor connection – well, everybody has a right to make a living. Even then, there would still be acrimony – and zero chance of Harry getting back into the king’s and William’s good graces,” Andersen concluded.

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