Megyn Kelly just called out Fox News for this crazy attack on Tucker Carlson

Mar 10, 2023

The entire Washington, D.C. establishment is ganging up on Tucker Carlson.

Even Carlson’s own employer is joining in.

And now Megyn Kelly just called out Fox News for this crazy attack on Tucker Carlson.

During an in interview with Breaking Points host Emily Jashinsky, Megyn Kelly called out Fox News for trying to ignore Tucker Carlson’s exclusive scoop of bombshell footage from the Capitol surveillance cameras on January 6.

Carlson played footage that undercut the false narrative put forth by Democrats, the members of the January 6 Committee, and the corporate-controlled media about how a violent mob of Trump supporters tried to end American democracy.

The footage Carlson played showed Trump supporters peacefully and calmly walking about the Capitol.

While Carlson acknowledged and condemned the violence that took place that day, he said the full picture of what happened was far more complicated.

Carlson compared many of the Trump supporters wandering around the Capitol to “sightseers.”

In her interview with Jashinsky, Kelly slammed Fox News for all but ignoring Carlson’s reporting.

Kelly noted that Special Report host Brett Baier ran a segment attacking Carlson’s reporting, but otherwise it was radio silence on an exclusive scoop that dominated the media conversation for two days.

“But I think it’s true that most of the Fox dayside is not covering it. Bret Baier did one report, using their Capitol Hill producer Chad Pergram, which included some of the criticism, but it’s not like — I mean, trust me, I worked at Fox for many years, so if somebody gets a big, big scoop, you know, you ride it, you ride the wave, you, you blanket the channel with it,” Kelly exclaimed.

“You have it exclusively. It’s yours. Nobody else has it. The fact that it’s not ubiquitous across the channel definitely says something,” Kelly added.

Jashinsky theorized Fox executives ordered other hosts to stay away from the topic due to Dominion’s $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit.

Kelly rejected that idea and said Fox left Carlson hanging out in limbo as it let the rest of the corporate-controlled media attack his reporting by claiming Fox News did not stand by his segments.

“But that’s no excuse not to ride your own reporting,” Kelly shot back.

“Either you stand by it or you don’t. Either it belongs on the channel or it doesn’t, you know, either — If Tucker airs it, it’s fair game for the channel. You can’t just have — like run and hide once he breaks this big story, it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s not happening.’ That makes no sense to me,” Kelly concluded.

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