Megyn Kelly just posted one poolside pic that set the internet on fire

May 5, 2023

There are few people within the conservative circle who are more noticeable than Megyn Kelly.

Megyn Kelly is now making a name for herself outside of the news industry.

And Megyn Kelly just posted one poolside pic that set the internet on fire.

The Rise of Megyn Kelly

Over the years, names like Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and Tucker Carlson have been exposing the truth on Fox News and building up a reputation of trust along the way.

Because of their hard work, these men have developed followings that are unmatched in cable news.

But one of the most recognizable women in legacy media is Megyn Kelly, who got her start on Fox News.

While on Fox, Megyn Kelly built up one heck of a following that most pundits would die for.

And she also made many waves at Fox News Channel.

While she was still getting her feet wet with the right-leaning powerhouse in the news, she called out Karl Rove on air for not being able to do math during election night in 2012.

And not many people cannot forget her spats with Donald Trump during the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary.

But back in late 2016, Megyn Kelly left Fox News because of numerous reasons, including her allegations against then-CEO Robert Ailes.

After she left Fox, she went on to have a show on NBC.

But now Kelly has her own independent show called The Megyn Kelly Show.

Few people have a larger following for their podcast and on social media than Megyn Kelly.

But Megyn Kelly has also made a name for herself outside of politics and the news industry.

More than just brains

Megyn Kelly gained one heck of a following after her photoshoot with GQ Magazine back in 2010.

Ever since those pictures of Kelly hit the internet, she has been perceived as one of the most attractive women in cable news.

But Megyn Kelly is still breaking the internet with her looks.

Over the weekend, she tweeted out a picture of her in a bikini along with the comment, “thank you for a HUGE week on the ⁦@MegynKellyShow. In Miami celebrating our friend’s 50th & looking fwd to another great week of shows starting Monday.”

In the photo, Kelly wore a legendary hat that read “Make Women Female Again.”

No matter what Megyn Kelly does, she will always have a following with her many talents.

Hopefully, she sticks with political commentary, as she’s been taking scalps of those on the Left and calling out their insanity.

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