Megyn Kelly pointed out one brutal truth about Jen Psaki that sent her into a fit of rage

May 4, 2023

Jen Psaki parlayed her stint as Biden’s White House Press Secretary into a job on MSNBC.

Her new career in the media is off to a rocky start.

And Megyn Kelly pointed out one brutal truth about Jen Psaki that sent her into a fit of rage.

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was a media darling when she was behind the podium spinning President Joe Biden’s latest colossal blunder.

Psaki worked in various communications roles in former President Barack Obama’s regime before she joined CNN as a political commentator in 2017.

She left her job as a Biden’s White House Press Secretary after little over a year on the job for a much-ballyhooed position at MSNBC.

As one of the most visible members of the Biden regime, there were high hopes that her new Sunday show, Inside with Jen Psaki, would be a massive hit for the struggling left-wing cable news network.

Megyn Kelly demolishes Jen Psaki over her failing show

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly gave Jen Psaki a reality check with her MSNBC show struggling in the ratings.

Kelly said that Psaki has “no actual talent” and that no one is watching her show despite the fanfare from her background as Biden’s Press Secretary.

“We looked up just the trajectory to see maybe she’s just started and she’s building [her audience], you know, give her some time,” Kelly said.

Psaki’s show has lost nearly 300,000 viewers in recent weeks as she struggles to get traction as a cable news personality.

Despite heavy promotion from MSNBC, her debut show in March pulled in a little over one-million viewers.

“Literally, it’s like a downward escalator, the overall and the demo off a cliff,” Kelly continued. “No one wants to watch Jen Psaki, I mean, no one.”

Ratings for Psaki’s show are plummeting after its debut to become the 12th most popular show on MSNBC.

“And so, she now is trying to make herself into a star, and she’s failing because she has no actual talent in this field,” Kelly explained. “She had more talent being a professional spinner behind the lectern than she does being a different kind of professional spinner behind the MSNBC mic.”

Kelly ripped Psaki for angling for a gig on cable news before she exited the Biden White House.

“This is so true of all these people that work at the White House Press Office,” Kelly said. “What they really want is to be a cable news star. And so, they lay the foundation while they’re over there trying to make themselves into a national personality.”

Having the high-profile position of White House Press Secretary and a stint at CNN did not make viewers want to tune in to Psaki’s show.

“What they really want is the job of the people they watch on primetime every day,” Kelly continued. “They’re envious. It’s true of half of Congress, too. It’s pathetic.”

Jen Psaki is facing the painful reality that transitioning from the White House to the media is much harder than she ever expected.

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