Megyn Kelly spoke one truth about 2024 that left Democrats feeling sick

Jul 2, 2024

The 2024 Election was plunged into chaos after Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance.

Now the Democrat Party is facing its biggest crisis in decades.

And Megyn Kelly spoke one truth about 2024 that left Democrats feeling sick.

Megyn Kelly talks about Joe Biden’s future after the debate

Democrats and their media allies spent years dismissing concerns about the mental decline of President Joe Biden.

Viral videos on social media of Biden freezing up and aimlessly wandering around were dismissed by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre as cheap fakes.

Democrats and members of the press would claim that the President is as sharp as a tack behind closed doors.

The first Presidential debate on CNN between Biden and former President Donald Trump brought this charade to an end.

A confused Biden struggled to speak and put together complete sentences live on national TV.

There was no way for Democrats to lie and deny their way out of that performance.

Panic set in among Democrats and chatter about replacing Biden on the ticket began to grow.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly weighed in on the aftermath of the Presidential debate on her SiriusXM show.

“In my view, it is over for Joe Biden,” Kelly said. “His presidential campaign came to an end tonight, whether he knows it or not.”

Kelly said that Biden’s performance was so bad that she wondered if he would be able to make it through the debate.

“It was an unmitigated disaster. It was uncomfortable to watch,” Kelly recalled. “It was so jarring. He was so distant, so frail, so hard to comprehend, so unsteady. I honestly didn’t know whether he was going to make it through the answer, never mind through the debate or through a second term.”

The public deserves answers from Democrats for their lies about Joe Biden

Kelly praised Trump for his performance during the debate, which provided a sharp contrast to Biden.

The former Fox News host wondered if Biden was even fit to continue serving as President.

“I have never seen a politician at any level perform like Joe Biden performed tonight,” Kelly explained. “And not only do I have questions about whether he will be his party’s nominee, I have questions about whether he can possibly serve out his term.”

She noted that Biden couldn’t even say billions or trillions correctly anymore.

And she castigated Democrats and the media for lying to the public about Biden’s mental state.

“I want answers from all these top Democrats who have been telling us how robust he is behind the scenes,” Kelly said. “That is who I want to hear from most. You lied. Did you not think this moment was going to come? Did you think we would never see this? Why did you agree to put him out on the debate stage when you knew what the truth was and that we would eventually find it out for ourselves?”

The charade that Joe Biden is fit as a fiddle came to an end on the debate stage.

Now the Presidential election is going to be defined by his fitness to hold office if the Democrats don’t pull the plug on his candidacy.

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