Megyn Kelly was shocked to discover how far one college pushed the woke insanity

May 18, 2023

Colleges are breeding grounds for the woke mind virus.

Every institution on campus is falling prey to the Left.

And Megyn Kelly was shocked to discover how far one college pushed the woke insanity.

The radical transgender movement is taking over college campuses.

No space is safe from the Left.

At the University of Wyoming, a sorority was forced to accept a biological male who identified as a transgender woman.

Artemis Langford, a 6’2, 260-pound transgender “woman,” joined the Wyoming chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma last fall.

The transgender sorority member only occasionally wore women’s clothes and still identified as a male on his driver’s license.

The national leadership of the woke sorority said that individual chapters can accept anyone who identifies as a woman.

After joining Kappa Kappa Gamma, Langford displayed completely inappropriate and creepy behavior towards his fellow sorority sisters.

One of the members said that Langford leered at her when she left the bathroom wearing only a towel.

Langford is currently living outside of the sorority house, but he plans to move in next school year.

Sorority sisters from Kappa Kappa Gamma are fighting back with a lawsuit against the national organization, its President, and Langford.

Sorority members tell Megyn Kelly they live in fear

Members of Kappa Kappa Gamma appeared on The Megyn Kelly Show to tell the former Fox News host about their terrifying experience having a creepy man in their midst.

The group told Kelly that they “live in constant fear in our home” and said they felt betrayed by their national organization.

“It’s a weird, gut-wrenching feeling that every time I leave my room there’s a possibility that I’ll walk past him in the hall,” sorority member Hannah said. “It’s a weird feeling just to know that I could run into him anytime. He has full access to the house, but this just goes to show like we need women’s spaces for that reason.”

Another member said that the situation is particularly upsetting because some of her fellow sorority sisters have been “sexually assaulted or sexually harassed” and want to be safe in their house.

“So, some girls live in constant fear in their home and our home is supposed to be a safe space,” a sorority sister said.

According to the house rules, men are only allowed on the second floor to help with moving in and out of the house.

“So, it is seriously an only female space,” she added. “It’s supposed to be a safe place where we can rest our heads at night.”

The lawsuit alleges that Langford spent hours in the sorority house staring at the young women without saying a word.

“One sorority member walked down the hall to take a shower, wearing only a towel. She felt an unsettling presence, turned, and saw Mr. Smith watching her silently,” the lawsuit stated.

Kelly, an outspoken opponent of biological men invading women’s spaces, encouraged the sorority sisters to keep fighting.

“Fight! Fight! Right? It’s one thing to fight and lose, but you haven’t lost yet … Fight!” Kelly exclaimed. “Maybe the Kappa leadership will lose, and you guys will win, and a real point will be made, but go down swinging at a minimum.”

The radical transgender movement is crossing every red line imaginable in its quest to dominate society.

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