Megyn Kelly was stunned by this scary confession from a stripper about Hunter Biden

Jun 17, 2024

Hunter Biden’s life has been filled with scandals.

But one of the most disturbing ones yet is coming to light.

And Megyn Kelly was stunned by this scary confession from a stripper about Hunter Biden.

Stripper who had a love child with Hunter Biden makes an explosive claim

Arkansas native Lunden Roberts had a daughter – Navy Joan Roberts – with Hunter Biden after she met him while working at a Washington, D.C., strip club.

Now she’s releasing a tell-all book about her relationship with the President’s son entitled Out of the Shadows: My Life Inside the Wild World of Hunter Biden, during the Democratic National Convention in August.

Roberts appeared on former Fox News host Megyn Kelly’s SiriusXM show where she revealed a disturbing incident after she found out she was pregnant by Hunter Biden.

Kelly asked her what happened to her cell phones the night she found she was pregnant.

“I had two cell phones, which is also, I still do to this day,” Roberts said. “I had two cell phones at the time because my Arkansas phone had a cellular data that didn’t pick up at the place that I was living in D.C. So I got a different, I got Sprint and AT&T to even out the data and everyone could reach me.”

Something unusual happened when she discovered she was pregnant that night.

“But that night, they both, at the same time, crashed and in front of me and my friends,” Roberts recalled.

She said both of her cell phones had black, green, and purple lines flash across the screen in a simultaneous meltdown of both phones.

Roberts said that she went to get her phones replaced the next day.

“So the next day, you go and get a new phone, right?” Kelly asked. “And you are able to, like, link it up with your cloud, and what do you discover?”

“Yes,” Roberts replied. “A lot of stuff is gone from my iCloud, had it not been backed up or whatever, but just about everything with Hunter was gone.”

She said that she has no explanation for what happened to her phones to this day.

Was Hunter Biden responsible for erasing the cell phones?

Kelly asked the question that was on everyone’s mind after Robert’s phones were nearly wiped out her communications with Hunter Biden.

“Do you think given that he was at that point the son of the former Vice President, there were government forces trying to protect him potentially here?” Kelly asked.

“You always wonder that because hearing all these conspiracies about things and how they happen and especially with politics,” Roberts responded. “So you always wonder that and that’s always been in the back of my mind was somebody’s trying to protect him and how far would they go to do that?”

The Biden family has tried to keep their distance from Roberts.

President Joe Biden never acknowledged his granddaughter from Roberts for years despite media criticism.

And Roberts had to take Hunter Biden to court in Arkansas to get him to agree to pay child support last year.

Her phones’ mysterious erasure is another strange coincidence in the scandal-plagued life of Hunter Biden.

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