Melania Trump has one message about her husband that all Americans need to hear

Nov 22, 2022

The First Lady is one of the most underrated positions in the federal government.

It’s one that the people don’t vote on but they do have an influential role in our society.  

And Melania Trump has one message about her husband that all Americans need to hear. 

Over the generations our society has given more and more power over everyday life to the federal government. 

Nearly everything we do today has some influence over it from Washington, D.C. 

That’s not the way it was meant to be but that’s the way that our society has constructed it. 

And as the saying goes, “you made your bed, now you lay in it.” 

First Lady: Most Powerful Unelected Bureaucrat

And over the years we have had some doozies as First Lady. 

Back with Hillary Clinton, everyone knew she was the real balls behind the Clinton Administration. 

As Bill Clinton was getting busy with interns in the Oval Office, Hillary Clinton was laying her pair down and making policy from her First Lady position. 

Then a couple of years later the United States was blessed with the presence of Michelle Obama. 

Michelle Obama never saw an issue she didn’t stick her big nose in. 

Day in and day out she was heavily involved in shaping American society and the political battlefield. 

And today our nation has to deal with Jill Biden as First Lady, who everyone knows is running the show as her husband tries to make words with his daily alphabet soup. 

But in between the two, America thankfully had a break from the craziness that has been coming out of the position of First Lady. 

America was blessed with the elegant and intelligent Melania Trump. 

America needs Melania Trump

Everyone knows behind a good man is a strong woman and Melania was the one that was keeping Donald Trump leveled and grounded when it was needed. 

And more importantly she didn’t use her position to abuse politics or society. 

She was there as a figure of poise and prestige for everyone to look up to. 

And now Melania Trump has a message for us as her husband shares his ambitions to be president in 2024.

While talking to Breitbart News, Melania Trump opened up about her husband in a rare comment. 

Melania proudly stated, “I support my husband’s decision to run for President of this wonderful nation.  His achievements during his administration had a great effect on all of us, and he can lead us toward success and prosperity again.”

Many people are supporting President Trump for another run in the White House because he is bold, not the average politician, and a voice for the people. 

But some are praying that President Trump wins in 2024 so our nation can have Melania Trump back as a symbol of our nation. 

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