Melania Trump left Democrats with a bad feeling after this major decision

Apr 15, 2024

Former First Lady Melania Trump is one of Donald Trump’s best assets on the campaign trail.

Melania has been absent from the political scene after her husband left office.

But now Melania Trump left Democrats with a bad feeling after this major decision.

Melania Trump steps up her political presence 

Donald Trump’s fundraiser at John Paulson’s home raked in a record $50.5 million and drew the main headlines.

Trump’s total blew away the $25 million Joe Biden raised at Radio City Music Hall and set the record for a one-night fundraising total.

But another key takeaway from the event was the figure Melania Trump cut at the fundraiser where she charmed guests and served as the center of attention.

“Melania Trump emerged as the main star at the Republican fund-raiser at John Paulson’s $100 million house in Palm Beach,” the New York Post’s Page 6 reported.

Melania largely avoided the spotlight in Trump’s first term in office, preferring to spend her time raising the couple’s son and limited her political activities to the customary spouse speeches at the Republican National Convention.

But on this night, Melania made it clear that she was ready to do her part to help Donald Trump win back the White House.

“The former First Lady, who usually appears quite serious in photographs, seemed to never stop smiling Saturday night and was charming and talkative to all the guests. She’s ready to be First Lady again and clearly enjoyed the evening,” the Post also reported.

Melania Trump is 100 percent supporting Donald Trump’s campaign 

Melania Trump’s sparse presence on the campaign trail led the media to seize on her preference for privacy to create a conspiracy theory that she was a secret leftist who opposed Donald Trump’s bid for office.

But her presence at the fundraiser showed that the media was simply making up lies to try and hurt Trump’s campaign.

 “Melania enjoys being a hostess. She’s very supportive of her husband’s campaign and as we get closer to the final months, you can expect to see her more at key events,” the Page 6 report continued.

Page 6 reported in December that Melania Trump was sure her husband was going to win the GOP nomination and she was ready to step up her appearances.

“Trump and his family are so secure that he will become President again that insiders at Mar-a-Lago say he’s reached an agreement with [wife] Melania [Trump] to step up top-tier diplomatic appearances in 2024,” Page 6 reported in December.

Page 6 also reported that Melania’s presence at Rosalynn Carter’s funeral – where she attended with every other living First Lady – left her “feeling more sure of herself — as both her husband’s representative and her own position as a diplomatic figure after her positive reception at the Carter funeral.”

“Melania realizes it’s her time to join the ranks of historic first ladies and leave her mark on history. She feels better prepared for her potential role the second time around,” the December Page 6 report stated.

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