Mike Pence just said something about January 6 that Donald Trump is going to hate

Mar 17, 2023

Former Vice President Mike Pence is trying to stake out his ground in the 2024 Presidential race.

Pence keeps drawing battle lines with Donald Trump.

And Mike Pence just said something about January 6 that Donald Trump is going to hate.

Mike Pence recently started taking a more aggressive posture in criticizing Donald Trump.

Pence is attempting to carve out his lane in the GOP Primary as the establishment-friendly candidate.

Pence recently appeared on former Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow’s show.

Kudlow asked Pence about comments he made at the Gridiron Dinner – which is one of the signature events on the Swamp’s social calendar where the media gathers to tell themselves how important they are.

“You gave a very tough speech the other day criticizing President Trump,” Kudlow began.

He then quoted Pence’s attacks on Trump over January 6 where he said that “history will hold Donald Trump accountable” and “his reckless words endangered my family and everyone at the Capitol that day.”

Pence said those comments were nothing different from what he already wrote in his memoir.

“This is the toughest statement you’ve made,” Kudlow followed up. “Any particular reason why you made it last Saturday? Any particular thing on your mind?”

“Do you think former President Trump incited violence or incited an insurrection?” Kudlow also asked.

Pence carefully chose the Gridiron Dinner to attack Trump over January 6 to make sure everyone in the media – who falsely considers January 6 the worst attack on America since the Civil War – could see that he was ready to take on his former boss.

In answering Kudlow, Pence then went even further in parroting the Left’s talking points about January 6 by saying that Trump’s “reckless” words were one of the causes of what happened that day.

Pence stated:

Well, look there was a riot at the Capitol that day and there were many causes. I do think that the President’s reckless words that day endangered all of us that were at the Capitol. When I say my family, you know, my wife and my daughter were with me all the way until four in the morning the following day.

But thanks to law enforcement, we quelled the riot. We were able to reconvene the Congress very same day and complete our work under the Constitution of the United States. But I’ll let history be the judge of those matters and the American people can each have their own opinions.

Pence is morphing from the solid, evangelical Christian who Donald Trump picked as his running mate into the most Swamp-friendly Republican in the 2024 field.

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