Mike Pence just stabbed Donald Trump in the back as he prepared a major announcement

Aug 2, 2022

Mike Pence and Donald Trump were always an odd political couple.

The establishment-backed Pence was seen as a moderating force to temper Trump’s MAGA movement.

But now Mike Pence just stabbed Donald Trump in the back as he prepared a major announcement.

Why did Trump pick Pence in 2020?

When then-Indiana Governor Mike Pence was selected as Donald Trump’s Vice President, Pence was billed as filling in several of the world’s most famous businessman’s so-called “weak spots.”

During his time in Congress, Pence worked his way up to GOP leadership – so he brought Capitol Hill-process knowledge the outsider Trump lacked.

As a power player at the Republican Governors Association, Pence brought with him access to major donors – up to that point Trump had relied on a combination of self-funding and small-dollar donations from his grassroots supporters.

And Pence had credibility with the religious Right.

At that point, given Trump’s personal past, some on the religious Right had questions about Trump’s social conservative bonafides – Pence was meant to make up the difference.

However, in his time as President, Trump found little use for Pence’s legislative knowledge, was able to court major donors on his own, and had perhaps the most socially conservative Presidency in modern history.

By the time the administration was over, it was clear the two were headed for a political divorce.

Pence is ready to run

And while Trump plays a game of will-he-won’t-he about a potential 2024 bid, the cat is heading out of the bag regarding Pence’s intentions.

Rumors began to swirl when the former Vice President started courting major GOP donors and showing up in Iowa.

And now one of his closest advisors is openly saying Pence is looking for a promotion.

Olivia Troye was an adviser to Pence during his time in the White House.

She told CNN her former boss has long aimed to be President of the United States.

“It is a known thing in Pence’s orbit and those of us who worked for Mike Pence,” Troye said. “I think he desired to make a run for the Oval Office. I think that’s partially why he joined the Trump administration on his ticket. I know he has aspirations to do so, and I think we’ll have to see how this plays out for him given where the Republican base is right now and how much of a stronghold Trump has on the party.”

Trump vs. Pence

Since they both left the White House, Trump and Pence have found themselves on the opposite side of some 2022 Midterm primary battles – in what could be a preview of a 2024 GOP Presidential primary.

For example, in the Arizona Republican Gubernatorial primary, Trump was an early supporter of frontrunner Kari Lake.

Whereas Pence has recently thrown his backing behind the establishment favorite in the race, Karrin Taylor Robson.

In every early-look poll at potential GOP Presidential primary candidates for 2024, Trump leads the pack by wide margins, sometimes by as much as 50-points.

Meanwhile, Pence not only trails Trump, but has been surpassed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for second place in all the more recent surveys.

In a true representation of how Trump changed the Republican party – Pence was at one point a favorite among the conservative base of the party, but now would likely have to take the moderate-establishment path to victory in a party primary.

And even that path would likely prove extremely narrow.

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