Mitch McConnell is now twisting the knife in the backs of these MAGA Senate candidates

Sep 30, 2022

The bad blood between Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell is no secret.

But the Senate Minority Leader has become so vindictive he’s taking his Trump-hate out on Republican candidates.

And Mitch McConnell is now twisting the knife in the backs of these MAGA Senate candidates.

McConnell holds a grudge

Mitch McConnell is currently the Senate Minority Leader.

If the GOP can have a net pick up of at least one U.S. Senate seat this November, McConnell would, most likely, be promoted back to Senate Majority Leader – a position he’s enjoyed in the past.

You would think McConnell would be spending the $12-million from his Super PAC in the most competitive races where a Republican can knock off a Democrat.

But you would be wrong.

Instead, Kentucky’s very Senior Senator is letting personal animosity against former President Donald Trump dictate his decisions.

Last month, McConnell made a public comment questioning some of the quality of the MAGA candidates defeating his preferred establishment choices in GOP primaries.

He insinuated that Trump-endorsed candidates winning the primaries could cost Republicans a chance at regaining the Senate majority in the general election.

One of the America First candidates McConnell is speculated to have been speaking about with that comment was Arizona’s Blake Masters.

McConnell pulls out of AZ in favor of AK

Also in August, McConnell’s Super PAC pulled a planned $8 million ad buy against Masters’ opponent, Democrat incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly.

Now The Federalist is reporting McConnell is sending some of that money originally earmarked for the ultra-competitive Arizona race up north to Alaska.

There is a competitive race in The Last Frontier – however, it’s not between a Republican and a Democrat.

No, in Alaska, it’s a race between long-time RINO Lisa Murkowski and Trump-endorsed Kelly Tshibaka, also a Republican.

According to The Federalist, McConnell’s Super PAC is sending about $1 million of the $8 million it pulled out of Masters’ race to help Murkowski get re-elected.

Murkowski is notorious for being perhaps the most Left-leaning Republican in the Upper Chamber.

Whereas Tshibaka is not only backed by Trump, but she has also said she would not support McConnell for Majority Leader.

Alaska is conducting a four-way Ranked Choice Voting ballot in November.

There are three Republicans who advanced in the primary to the general and one Democrat.

According to most polling out of the True North, Tshibaka and Murkowski are locked in a dead heat – with the Democrat candidate barely breaking double digits.

However, in the Grand Canyon State, every poll conducted since August shows Kelly leading Masters, but with Masters in striking distance, and gaining ground in most surveys.

But McConnell would rather have his establishment favorite win a race the Republicans almost can’t lose in Alaska than help a MAGA candidate across the finish line in an incredibly tight race against an incumbent Democrat in Arizona.

How’s that for leadership?

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