Mitch McConnell just broke one record that left conservatives shaking their heads in disgust

Jan 3, 2023

The old moderate RINO-wing of the GOP is shrinking. 

Conservatives are getting sick and tired of RINOs selling out to Democrats and voting them out of office.

But Mitch McConnell just broke one record that left conservatives shaking their heads in disgust.

In November, Mitch McConnell received 10 “no” votes in his bid to remain Senate Minority leader.

It was the first time he had ever received votes against him for a leadership position.

A sign of a growing revolt

The votes against McConnell for the first time in his long career show a coming divide in the GOP.

Conservatives and liberty-minded elected officials are becoming sick and tired of the constant deal cutting and compromise with the radical Left.

This fight was also seen in the brutal battle over House Speaker, and in the coming showdown for RNC Chair.

It is a sign of a growing revolt not only in Congress and Washington, D.C., but around the nation. 

Conservative activists and long-time Republican leaders are seriously questioning why the GOP continues to ignore the pleas and demands of the grassroots.

And it’s not just on a few issues, but across the board as leaders like McConnell seemingly work to sabotage the entire conservative agenda.

The old guard is getting really old and stale

For many GOP activists in the grassroots, they believe it is time for change at the top.

McConnell is 80-years-old and despite the 10 votes against him, he became the longest-serving leader in Senate history, breaking the record of former Senator Mike Mansfield (D-MT) who served as Democrat leader from 1961-1977.

But McConnell’s age, and his continual unwillingness to fight for conservative principles, has a growing number of GOP activists and leaders hungry for new blood in leadership.

They, rightfully so, believe the old guard is too old and stale.

And old and stale for Republicans usually means selling out the base.

That’s why McConnell’s historic moment in the spotlight comes even after he spent tens of millions of dollars actually fighting against conservatives in the Midterms.

He defunded conservative GOP Senate campaigns while funding establishment candidates against conservative hopefuls.

McConnell helped President Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer pass radical leftist legislation like gun control measures and massive spending bills.

The Kentucky Senator voted to give Ukraine over $100 billion dollars and opposed any efforts to determine where that money is going. 

And he refused to condemn Joe Biden when he called “MAGA Republicans” a threat to the nation.

Root and branch

Possibly the biggest sell out by McConnell was on Obamacare.

After it passed, McConnell (heading into a possible tough reelection) vowed to rip out Obamacare “root and branch” and repeal the unconstitutional and unpopular law.

Once reelected McConnell actually worked to make sure it wasn’t repealed.

This is the history of the now longest serving Senate leader.

And most observers believe it will only get worse now that his “legacy” is intact.

Under McConnell you can expect the deficit to keep rising, spending to keep exploding, gun laws to get worse, and no action on the Hunter Biden laptop investigation.

In other words, you can expect a typical Republican-led party – doing nothing but compromising on issues the base cares about the most.

No wonder the GOP couldn’t take back the Senate in possibly the most favorable political climate in recent history.

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