Mitch McConnell’s sidekick Lisa Murkowski just betrayed conservatives in the worst possible way

Oct 26, 2022

Republicans are poised to take back the House and Senate in numbers no one could have imagined just a few months ago. 

But now it looks like the biggest obstacle to Republicans’ success are RINOs in their own Party. 

And Mitch McConnell’s sidekick Lisa Murkowski just betrayed conservatives in the worst possible way.

In less than two short weeks from now Republicans are poised to have a good election night. 

Red Wave or Red Tsunami?

Some believe that Republicans will only win small majorities in the House and the Senate while other pollsters see a historic victory not seen before in modern politics. 

Just look at the recent polling coming out over the past couple of days. 

You have races now in dead heats according to polls where Democrats have enjoyed unchallenged success. 

New Hampshire’s Senate seat now has a real chance of flipping to Republicans.


Republicans are leading in Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Pennsylvania Senate races. 

These are all Senate races Republicans were scared to lose just a few months ago back in the summer. 

And Republicans are in play in nearly every Governor’s race not in a leftist wasteland – though even some of those are closer than Democrats expected. 

Pro-lockdown Democrat Gretchen Whitmer has outspent Trump-endorsed Republican Tudor Dixon in the Michigan Governor’s race twenty to one but is tied, if not trailing Dixon, less than two weeks out from the election. 

Keep in mind that Whitmer won her previous election by nearly a ten point margin. 

Also, the Democrat candidate for Governor in New Mexico is tied in a horse race against her Republican opponent after Democrats won that Governorship in 2018 by a whopping fifteen percent margin. 


And you can see why Republicans’ red wave is polling like a Republican tsunami.

The economy is wrecked. 

Our border is wide open for illegal immigration.

Gas is still too damn high for anyone on an honest wage to survive. 

Criminals are running rampant on our streets in cities and towns across America. 

Our schools are becoming nothing but grooming centers for the leftist perverts and their warped ideologies. 

Democrats are just losing on every issue that matters to every American, besides your average Karens. 

But even with all the wind behind their backs to pull off an amazing victory in two weeks, Republicans biggest obstacle are the RINOs and Democrat-lites in their own Party. 

McConnell may snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

It’s no secret Mitch McConnell is only worried about his political future. 

So for all he cares, the Republicans can lose the House and Senate and his life will still be peachy. 

Which makes you wonder why one of Mitch’s closests friends is openly attacking Republican candidates. 

Democrat-loving and Never-Trump RINO, Lisa Murkowski, is the Republican Senator from Alaska who no one really likes. 

She is a complete phony, has no morals, and is only worried about herself.  

But for some reason she still has political clout in Alaska. 

Now Lisa has apparently decided to vote for the Democrat Congressional candidate over Republican legend Sarah Palin and thought everyone needs to know about it. 

When asked by the Anchorage Daily News if she would vote for the Democrat, Lisa happily said “Yeah, I am.”


With “Republicans” like Lisa Murkowski stabbing conservatives in the back, who needs Democrats?

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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