Mitt Romney just led a small group of RINOs in killing this key conservative legislation

Nov 9, 2023

The U.S. Senate just voted on vital legislation that would have helped fix our economic disaster.

The bill has been a top priority for conservatives and Republicans for decades.

But Mitt Romney just led a small group of RINOs in killing this key conservative legislation.

With so many problems facing the U.S. today, it’s easy to think that auditing the Federal Reserve isn’t the most pressing issue right now.

But if you look closely, the Federal Reserve has its money changing hands in almost every major issue facing America today.

Printing money out of thin air

There is no doubt that the international bankers and their puppet politicians do not want anyone to know their dirty little secrets.

That’s why the establishment opposes a bill as simple as Audit the Fed.

They realize that if Audit the Fed becomes law, then Americans might just find out exactly what it is doing and how pervasive its activities really are.

By printing money out of thin air, the Federal Reserve allows politicians in both parties in Washington, D.C., to hide the true costs of war from the American people and continue sending billions of taxpayer dollars overseas. 

Joe Biden’s falsely named “Inflation Reduction Act” was a hodgepodge of special interest spending that put America on the path for a national debt so high that the biggest federal expenditure will soon be paying the interest on the debt. 

By artificially pumping newly printed money into the economy, America is losing the ability to spend money in the future. 

Of course, money-printing also leads to price inflation.

It’s no secret that the Federal Reserve is the sole cause of price inflation.

Real election fraud

The Fed is even involved in election manipulation.

Everyone knows Americans vote with their pocketbooks. 

By creating booms and busts conveniently timed around election season, the Federal Reserve’s manipulation of the economy has a direct result on political outcomes.

This is why RINOs like Mitt Romney (R-UT), Pete Ricketts (R-NE), and Mike Rounds (R-SD) voted against Audit the Fed.

They, like most Democrats and the establishment bureaucracy, are terrified over the thought of Americans knowing what the Fed is doing.

They know full well that if the American people find out how much the Federal Reserve affects everyday life, then there would be an uproar that could very likely result in the end of the Fed.

If passed, Audit the Fed would finally show the American people that the Federal Reserve System leads to constant economic disasters and the destruction of our currency and the middle class.

Romney has long been an opponent of auditing the Fed, although in 2012 he attempted to convince Republicans he would support a full audit.

But the American people knew better and decided he couldn’t be trusted to actually help audit the Fed.

And, fortunately for all Americans, Romney has now announced his retirement from the Senate.

Now if Ricketts and Rounds would follow him out of Congress, then perhaps Audit the Fed could pick up a few more votes.

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