Mitt Romney made a 2024 prediction about Trump that no one saw coming

Feb 17, 2023

RINO Utah Senator Mitt Romney is decidedly not a fan of Donald Trump.

Romney wants Trump out of the 2024 GOP race and out of the Party.

And now Mitt Romney made a 2024 prediction about Trump that no one saw coming.

Mitt Romney voted twice to convict Trump in the Democrats’ sham impeachment hearings about Ukraine and January 6.

But Romney still thinks Trump is going to win the nomination.

Romney expressed the fear of many establishment Republicans that a crowded Primary field will allow Trump to win the nomination with a plurality of the vote.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Romney worried that Trump would win the nomination unless the Primary field narrows to a one-on-one showdown with another candidate.

Romney explained the only way that could happen is if other candidate’s top donors and top supporters told them to get out of the race so the establishment could unite around one alternative to Trump.

“The only way that [scenario] could be prevented is if it narrowed down to a two-person race eventually. That means donors and influencers say to their candidate ― if they’re weakening: ‘Hey, time to get out,’” Romney told the Huffington Post.

“Last time that was done was in 1968, so it’s been a while,” Romney remarked.

Romney referred to the fact that the GOP establishment hadn’t forced other candidates out of the race since donors and Party bigwigs pushed his father, George Romney, out of the race after he said he was brainwashed into supporting the war in Vietnam.

Romney’s comments came as his fellow RINO former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley announced her Presidential campaign.

In the interview, Romney described Haley as an “underdog” and said that Trump is “by far the most likely” Republican nominee due to his advantages in fundraising and name ID.

Other Never-Trump RINOs like Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy believe the field will narrow because polls and fundraising will force longshot candidates out of the race.

“Although there might be a number of people who announce, how many people will have money? If you don’t have money, you can’t buy name recognition. If you can’t buy the name recognition, you falter early,” Cassidy declared.

The GOP establishment is in a panic.

But if Donald Trump wins the 2024 GOP nomination, it won’t be because of a divided field since he has a rock solid base of support.

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