MSNBC blew a gasket over what this horrible poll result exposed about Joe Biden

May 13, 2024

The meltdown on the Left over Joe Biden’s diminishing 2024 prospects is reaching Defcon level one.

Nowhere is that more apparent than on their propaganda TV channels.

And MSNBC blew a gasket over what this horrible poll result exposed about Joe Biden.

Polls show Joe Biden’s signature issues aren’t much of an advantage

You can’t find a poll that doesn’t show Donald Trump leading Joe Biden on the economy and immigration.

That’s especially bad news for Democrats given how those are the top two issues for voters.

Since Biden can’t win on the issues, he’s trying to rerun the smear campaign Democrats effectively deployed in the 2022 Midterms, where they scared voters in swing states by claiming democracy would end if Republicans won majorities in the House and Senate.

The lynchpin of this strategy was politically motivated indictments against Trump in Georgia and Washington, D.C., for trying to overthrow the government.

But voters are seeing through this charade as a new NPR/Marist/PBS Newshour survey shows Trump and Biden in statistical dead heat on the question of who would weaken democracy.

“Americans are not overly optimistic about the fate of democracy with either Biden or Trump in the Oval Office. 46% of Americans think a second Biden term would weaken U.S. democracy. 30% believe it would strengthen it, and 23% think it would make no difference,” Marist wrote of its poll results.

“48% of residents nationally think a Trump return would weaken democracy in America. 37% say it would strengthen it, and 14% think it will not make a difference,” the Marist poll added.

But by a lopsided margin, critical Independent voters said a Biden second term was the bigger threat to democracy.

Panic mode on the set of MSNBC

Host Ana Cabrera said the poll showed “that 53% [of Independents] believe Biden will weaken democracy, while only 42% believe the same about Trump.”

MSNBC political analyst Susan Del Percio was at a loss for words.

“I find it shocking, honestly. I can’t make sense of that number. I wish I could,” Del Percio began.

 “I wish I could have some really great insight to it, but I don’t know if it’s an outlier or not, because the other numbers of Independents are going in the right direction. So, that may be it,” Del Percio added.

This isn’t that hard to figure out.

Joe Biden threatens to turn America into a banana republic by conscripting federal law enforcement and the Department of Justice to jail Donald Trump in an Election Year when he is leading in the polls.

The Biden Justice Department is allowing Jack Smith to argue in court that the Constitutional right to a speedy trial doesn’t belong to the defendant but to the government.

Furthermore, Smith is claiming that the “public interest” in a speedy trial really means there is a Constitutional right to try and convict Donald Trump before November 5 because that would guarantee Biden wins a second term.

If Americans needed any more proof that this is true, then a headline from POLITICO about Trump’s cases explained that their sole purpose was tipping the election to Biden.

Trump’s political fate likely won’t be decided by the courts after all,” the headline read.

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