Nancy Pelosi is doomed now that a judge ordered this explosive video footage released

Jan 27, 2023

Americans will finally see the unvarnished truth about the incident at Nancy Pelosi’s house.

Government officials tried to keep it secret for months.

And Nancy Pelosi is doomed now that a judge ordered this explosive video footage released.

Shortly before the election, police arrested a 42-year-old illegal alien who took part in a nudist community for breaking into Nancy Pelosi’s house and cracking her husband Paul in the head with a hammer.

Democrats used this incident as their closing argument in the Midterm election that Republicans were a group of dangerous extremists and that Republicans inspired a hate movement.

But from the get-go there were multiple questions about this attack that the media refused to answer or provided misinformation about.

How did DePape get to the Pelosi house and how did he get inside?

What happened when the police arrived?

What was DePape wearing?

Local authorities refused to release the bodycam footage from the responding officers.

Once the election ended the story disappeared from the headlines as it no longer served any political purpose for the Democrats.

But thanks to San Francisco Superior Court Judge Stephen M. Murphy ordering the release of the bodycam footage Americans will finally see what actually happened.

Lawyer Anthony Burke represented a media consortium consisting of NBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Fox News, which sued for access to the video.

Burke said the San Francisco police department “will provide copies to his clients, per the judge’s order.”

“You don’t eliminate the public right of access just because of concerns about conspiracy theories,” Burke added.

The footage will resolve one of the biggest mysteries about the attack.

Last November, NBC correspondent Miguel Almaguer reported that when police arrived at the house Paul Pelosi greeted them at the door and did not indicate he was in danger before retreating back into the house.

“The front door was opened by Mr. Pelosi. He did not declare an emergency or try to leave his home, instead began walking several feet back towards the assailant and away from police,” Almaguer reported.

After Almaguer’s report gained traction in conservative media, NBC deleted the video from the Internet and suspended Almaguer claiming his reporting did not meet NBC’s standards.

No one at NBC explained where the report was wrong or fell short.

The Biden Justice Department claimed DePape was attacking Pelosi when police arrived.

Now thanks to a judge ordering the body cam footage released everyone can decide for themselves who was right.

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