Nearly one out of five Americans were forced to take unthinkable actions because of Joe Biden

Nov 1, 2022

There is no doubt things are bad right now in America.

But no one thought it could get this bad.

Now nearly one out of five Americans were forced to take unthinkable actions because of Joe Biden.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are in real trouble.

While they try to run this year on a platform of killing children and shredding the Constitution, they are forgetting their own advice.

Advice that might have saved them this year had they only listened.

It’s the economy stupid!

It was Bill Clinton’s political guru and devout leftist James Carville who uttered the famous slogan, “It’s the economy stupid.”

This was a message to Democrats and Clinton staff and volunteers to help them stay on message and not get sidetracked by other issues. 

Unfortunately for them, today’s Democrats have no regard for such advice.

They are hell-bent on destroying the country as a part of their actual philosophy. 

And the best way to do that, they know, is by destroying the economy.

This is going to cost them dearly on election day.

Because a new survey out shows that 20% of all Americans have either skipped meals or didn’t buy groceries due to surging inflation.

And 17% of those who answered the survey said they were receiving food items from a food bank and another 17% said they have stopped buying healthier food options.

And don’t forget healthcare

Most forget that another of Carville’s rules for Democrats was to “not forget healthcare.”

Again, today’s Democrats are ignoring this advice at their own peril. 

Because the same survey showed that Bidenflation is forcing hundreds of thousands of Americans to delay some healthcare expenses. 

A staggering 14% of Americans have canceled or put off plans to see a doctor or specialist, 10% have delayed buying or taking prescribed medication, and 11% canceled receiving a yearly physical.

As Kristi Rodriguez, Senior Vice President for the Nationwide Retirement Institute put it, “As the price of health care and basic necessities continue to reach record highs, Americans have been forced to make tough decisions that sacrifice their health and wellbeing.” 

The Nationwide Retirement Institute is the organization who commissioned and paid for the poll.

Rodriguez continued, “While these decisions are understandable and challenging, making short-term tradeoffs may have long-term impacts.”

Americans are struggling to get by in Joe Biden’s America

Some of these long-term impacts are going to start being felt on election day by Democrats who now seem to be on pace to suffer historic losses in both houses of Congress.

As one veteran political consultant told Deplorable Daily, “When we are talking about possible GOP pick ups in Connecticut and Oregon, you are talking about a real political bloodbath, maybe the biggest in my lifetime.” 

And most of this can be blamed on the radical socialist economic policies of Biden and the Democrats. 

Grocery prices have soared 13% from just a year ago. 

Since last year, egg prices have exploded by 30%, dairy-related products are up whopping 15.9%, bread is up by over 14%, and butter is up by 26.6%.

Overall prices are higher by a staggering 8.2% over what they were under Donald Trump. 

And of course, energy prices, including gasoline, increased by the highest rate in over 40 years.

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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