New York Governor Kathy Hochul slipped up and admitted how Democrats really feel about illegal immigration

May 18, 2023

America is facing an unprecedented surge of illegal immigration.

Things are so bad that even some Democrats are starting to question Biden’s open border policies.

And New York Governor Kathy Hochul slipped up and admitted how Democrats really feel about illegal immigration.

This isn’t your great-grandpa’s immigration

It’s without question that our nation was built on legal immigration.

Of course, Democrats love to repeat this talking point.

However, they refuse to acknowledge that the immigration of our great-grandparents and the illegal immigration of today are two different things.

When immigrants arrived at Ellis Island back in the days, they were inspected for chronic diseases and they had to prove that they had the means and the ability to support themselves.

Today, illegal aliens caught crossing the border are handed a cell phone and a court date before being released into the country.

And what we’re seeing right now at our southern border is a national emergency.

Besides a few select places in Texas, illegal aliens are allowed to flow across an open border without any repercussions.

Some American federal agencies are even opening the gates for illegal aliens.

And these illegal aliens know they don’t have to worry about anything if they make it into the country since the Biden Administration is doing everything it can to keep them in the United States.

But the situation is so bad that even some Democrats are questioning their own open borders agenda.

Are Democrats regretting a wide-open border?

Woke cities across the United States like Chicago and New York City are getting infested with scores of illegal aliens coming in each and every day.

These cities were already on the brink of collapse.

Now, with countless illegal aliens flowing into their cities, Democrats don’t know what to do and are feeling helpless.

And this is exactly the sentiment Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul expressed during an interview with MSNBC.

“Hearing the numbers going down is good news, but it’s small comfort to us because the word we’re getting is that the majority of these individuals who are crossing, it’s still high numbers, are coming to New York State,” Hochul said. “And we already have over 61,000, over 40,000 housed in New York City. They’re bursting at the seams and Mayor Adams is doing the very best he can in a difficult situation.”

She then gave a dire warning about how “you’re going to start seeing people living in tents, not just on the border, but in the streets of New York and across New York State because we’ve reached a breaking point.”

As the saying goes, “you made your bed, now lay in it.”

An open border is all many Democrats wanted, and now they are going to pay the price for their policies.

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