Nikki Haley was given this unspeakable ultimatum about defeating Trump

Jan 19, 2024

The Swamp put all its eggs in Nikki Haley’s basket.

Haley is the establishment’s last hope to defeat Donald Trump.

And now Nikki Haley was given this unspeakable ultimatum about defeating Trump.

Nikki Haley hoped to pull off a surprise second-place finish in the Iowa Caucus to serve as a springboard for her to upset Donald Trump in New Hampshire, where left-wing undeclared voters can flood the Primary.

John McCain used the playbook of appealing to Democrats to win the 2000 and 2008 New Hampshire Primaries.

But Haley’s scheme went down in flames.

Haley finished a disappointing third place in Iowa and won just 19 percent of the vote, as her support was centered in Blue counties with lots of college graduates.

Now Haley is under the gun, as the Democrats and Never-Trumpers who fund her campaign told her it’s time to deliver a strong showing in New Hampshire or else exit the race.

“I would still like to see her get somewhere, but the mountain she has to climb is enormous,” New York businessman and Haley fundraiser Andy Sabin told CNBC. “I don’t even know what Trump could do to stop himself right now.”

Sabin once said he wouldn’t give Trump “a f*****g nickel.”

But with the reality of the situation setting in, Sabin is now singing a different tune.

“He may be the only choice I have,” Sabin admitted.

Other Haley fundraisers drew a harder line on what she needs to do in New Hampshire to keep the money rolling in.

“New Hampshire is critical. If she wins there, and she can, it will be a long Primary season,” High dollar Haley fundraiser Eric Levine said in an interview with CNBC.

“She needs a win or a very, very close second place,” an anonymous lobbyist fundraising for Haley added.

Unless Haley comes within “three points” of Trump in New Hampshire, her Trump-hating donors will pull the plug on her campaign and begin funding third-party candidates in a bid to keep Trump out of the White House.

“To keep many of her more affluent donors engaged, Haley must get within three percentage points of Trump in New Hampshire, said a Republican fundraising advisor whose clients include Haley donors. If she does not, these donors could turn away from Haley and try to find other ways to stop Trump, including possibly by financing a third-party effort like No Labels, said the advisor,” CNBC reported.

The types of donors Haley attracts also explains why polls show Donald Trump crushing her among registered Republicans, while Haley is running best among Democrats and Independents.

Never-Trumpers, Democrats, and Swamp lobbyists are funding Haley’s campaign because they see themselves in her.

But the bad news for Haley is that Republican voters can pick up this vibe as well.

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