One Biden official was fuming after this attack on Donald Trump backfired in spectacular fashion

Feb 17, 2023

The Biden regime is training its fire on Donald Trump. 

Biden tried to scapegoat Trump for one of his epic failures.

And one Biden official was fuming after this attack on Donald Trump backfired in spectacular fashion. 

The Secretary of Transportation is normally one of the most anonymous positions in a Presidential administration.

Under President Joe Biden, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is getting heat from Republicans and Democrats for completely botching his job.

The country has dealt with one crisis after another under Buttigieg while he uses the job to position himself for a future Presidential run.

The Transportation Secretary has presided over a supply chain crisis, airline disruptions, and crumbling infrastructure.

The former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana is more focused on racist highways and electric vehicles than actually doing his job.

The recent derailment of a Norfolk Southern train carrying vinyl chloride and other toxic chemicals in East Palestine, Ohio, put Buttigieg under the spotlight.

The accident released dangerous chemicals into the area and threatened the water supply from West Virginia to Illinois with contamination.

Buttigieg is MIA

After the latest transportation catastrophe, Buttigieg was nowhere to be found in the environmental disaster.

He ignored the crisis to speak at a conference where he complained about the number of white men in the construction industry.

For ten days, Buttigieg ignored the catastrophe that was unfolding in Ohio. 

While Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency claims that the area is safe for residents, the people who live there disagree.

Fish in local creeks, chickens, and pets have dropped dead from the toxic chemicals lingering in the area.

“This really looks like a nuclear winter,” local hazardous materials specialist Sil Caggiano told Fox News. “Pretty much, yeah, we nuked this town with chemicals.”

Pete Buttigieg tried to blame Donald Trump for the train derailment

Running out of excuses for another transportation disaster, Pete Buttigieg tried to pin the blame on Donald Trump.

“We’re constrained by law on some areas of rail regulation (like the braking rule withdrawn by the Trump administration in 2018 because of a law passed by Congress in 2015), but we are using the powers we do have to keep people safe,” Buttigieg wrote on social media.

Of course, the Biden regime has had two years to bring back the braking rule that ended under Donald Trump.

But Buttigieg is trying to pass the buck for another disaster that happened under his watch.

Trump officials ended the braking rule after experts determined the benefits were inconclusive.

Buttigieg’s lame excuse collapsed after a Biden official revealed that he had no idea what he was talking about. 

Biden’s National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Chair Jennifer Homendy announced that even if the braking rule cited by Buttigieg had gone into effect, it wouldn’t have applied to the derailed Norfolk Southern train.

Homendy explained that the rule only applied to high-hazard flammable trains, not the type of train that derailed in East Palestine. 

Pete Buttigieg is a miserable failure as Transportation Secretary and the door is closing on his future Presidential ambitions. 

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