One bride was angry as hell over this response to her wedding gift request

May 16, 2024

Her wedding day is the moment many girls began dreaming about when they were kids.

This is the woman’s special day, and whatever a bride wants, a bride is supposed to get.

But one bride was angry as hell over this response to her wedding gift request.

Bride requests cash instead of gifts and starts a family feud

Many people debate what to get as a wedding gift.

One woman went to Reddit’s “Am I an a******” forum to ask an opinion.

She wrote that her sister and fiancé were getting married and that the wedding invites asked for cash to fund their honeymoon.

“My sister and her fiancé are getting married in September, and they just sent out wedding invites,” the woman wrote.

“On it, they basically said they have everything they need, so if anyone wants to contribute, they can give a cash contribution towards their honeymoon,” the post continued.

The poster explained that her sister told the guests that she and her fiancé were moving shortly after the wedding and they didn’t need a bunch of household gifts that they would have to pack and unpack multiple times.

“They are moving shortly after the wedding, so I get they don’t want gifts,” the woman recounted.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

The woman wrote that she told her sister and her fiancé that their request for cash in lieu of gifts was “tacky.”

“However, I found it really tacky, and this weekend, when they came over, I told them that,” she wrote.

“Not in an accusatory way, just when they asked how we liked the invite (my sister designed it), I said I liked the card but the asking for money was tacky,” the post read.

“I think gifts are different from money, and they shouldn’t ask for money if they don’t want gifts,” the woman added.

Naturally, the sister blew up and the woman wrote that her parents are now furious with her.

“My sister got really upset and said it was voluntary, and I said so are gifts,” the post continued.

“She stormed off, and my parents have been angry at me for being an ‘a******,’” the woman concluded.

The verdict comes in

The average honeymoon costs $5,700.

The average wedding costs $35,000.

Responses to the woman’s question if she was the a****** took that into consideration.

And the consensus was that she was out of line for telling her sister a cash request was “tacky.”

One responder explained that since Americans are getting married later in life, they have no need for household items.

“YTA. This is now very, very common,” the response began.

“Back in the old days, it made sense that 21-year-olds who had never lived independently would be in need of a full set of household items for their first home together,” the responder explained.

“Nowadays, with more people getting married later and living together first, there’s really no need to get them stuff they already have,” the poster stated, before adding that “it’s increasingly common to do a fund instead.”

Finally, the poster scolded the woman by saying that even if she thinks a cash gift request is tacky, she shouldn’t try to make her feel lesser on her big day.

“You’re allowed to privately think it’s tacky, but sharing your unsolicited opinion is very rude,” the post concluded.

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