One folksy Senator released a campaign ad that will have Donald Trump splitting his sides

Aug 9, 2022

It’s a staple of every election season – negative attack ads.

The constant barge of political campaign ads as election day draws near can quickly shift from annoying to infuriating.

But one folksy Senator released a campaign ad that will have Donald Trump splitting his sides.

Safe but not silent

John Kennedy – not the former Democrat President of the United States, but the conservative Republican Senator from Louisiana – is carving out a name for himself in politics.

There is just something about the way Kennedy puts things – blunt, to the point, folksy, and funny.

So, of course, it should be no surprise Kennedy’s first campaign ad of the season looks more like a stand-up comedy special than a run-of-the-mill political commercial.

Kennedy is not considered to be in any danger of losing his seat in the 2022 Midterms.

In the jungle primary that will take place in the Bayou State this November, Kennedy is the clear favorite.

Illustrating how far ahead of the pack he is, there is no polling in the race.

Kennedy has raised $21.5-million for his campaign – his nearest opponent, independent journalist, Democrat Gary Chambers, has raised about $1.3-million, and already spent 90% of it.

The Cook Political Report, Inside Elections and Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball all rank the race as solid and safe for the GOP.

But that isn’t stopping Kennedy from having some fun in the contest.

Kennedy released his first campaign ad – and he just may be the only U.S. Senator who could get away with it.

“I have the ‘right to remain silent,’ but I just don’t have the ability,” Kennedy begins.

Kennedy offers some free advice for Social Justice snowflakes who don’t like his brand of “real talk.”

“Go buy yourself an emotional support pony,” Kennedy said in the 40-second clip. “Because I’m not going to shut up.”

“Always be yourself,” Kennedy closes. “Unless you suck.”

The stand-up Senator

Kennedy has another ad out, where in his own folksy way, he takes aim at President Joe Biden’s energy policies.

“Are you ready?” Kennedy asked at the beginning of the video. “Here’s President Biden’s energy policies in a nutshell.”

“First, we’re gonna stop producing our own oil,” the senator said. “Then, we’re going to buy oil from foreign countries that hate us so those foreign countries can have more money to buy weapons to try to kill us.”

“Sometimes, I think President Biden is more concerned about the best cure for toenail fungus than he is about saving American jobs,” he continued.

Kennedy ends the video by asking for “someone” to “please tell the Commander-in-Chief” that neither his “car nor the greatest economy in all of human history runs on fairy dust and unicorn urine.”

That’s right, a sitting U.S. Senator just called out the incumbent President of the United States for not being aware that you can’t fuel your cars, or cool your homes on unicorn urine.

Another famous video featuring Kennedy came in 2021, when he did a video spot shared by the National Rifle Association (NRA).

“Folks, I believe that love is the answer,” Kennedy said as funk music played behind him. “But you ought to own a handgun, just in case.”

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