One Fox News reporter stunned viewers into silence with this defense of Kamala Harris

Feb 22, 2024

Fox News is usually the one network Americans can count on not to act like a propaganda mouthpiece for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.

But there are some notable exceptions.

And one Fox News reporter stunned viewers into silence with this defense of Kamala Harris.

Fox News Pentagon correspondent Jennifer Griffin is a reliable messenger who will repeat whatever her sources in the military industrial complex and the Deep State tell her to say.

In the 2020 election, Griffin claimed that she “confirmed” the disputed reporting in the Atlantic that Trump called American troops “suckers” and “losers” and that he didn’t want to visit the graves of American soldiers at Normandy because the wind and the rain would mess up his hair.

“Confirming” this report just meant that Harris used the same sources that the Atlantic used.

And even Never-Trumpers like former National Security Advisor John Bolton disputed the veracity of this story.

In an appearance on Fox & Friends, Griffin praised Kamala Harris’ speech at the Munich Security Conference, where she pledged a blank check in support of the war in Ukraine.

“The Biden administration and many members, including Republicans on Capitol Hill, have been making the case for why aid to Ukraine, military aid, weapons to Ukraine are so important in terms of sending a message to Vladimir Putin that he cannot erase land borders, he cannot erase countries, he cannot gobble up a country like Ukraine. He cannot change the rules-based order or the map,“ Griffin began, before co-host Lawrence Jones cut her off to point out that Harris is ignoring the fact that Republicans and the American people want Joe Biden to secure America’s border before worrying about the border in Ukraine.

“She’s phrasing it as a binary choice. And that’s not what many of the members of Congress are saying. They’re saying, ‘Yes, we will talk about Ukraine. Yes, we’ll talk about Israel. But can we put on the table securing the border first?’” Jones shot back.

Griffin stuck to the Biden administration script that the Senate tried to secure the border but that House Republicans rejected the offer.

“Lawrence, there was a Senate bill to secure the border that the House wouldn’t take up. So that is a false comparison in terms of the choice that’s being made,” Griffin falsely claimed.

Jones pointed out that the bill didn’t actually secure the border because it let Joe Biden waive 5,000 illegal aliens a day into the country and grant them asylum and work permits at the border.

Griffin – who is supposed to be a fact-based reporter – then repeated the debunked claim that the Senate bill secured the border.

“There was a Senate bill negotiated by Senator [James Lankford (R-OK)]. And the House would not take it up. Now they’re trying to revisit and [Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA)], member of the Problem Solvers Caucus, he has put forward a way to bring the border back into it. It’s very strong language from what I saw this morning, but we can’t say that nobody wants to talk about the border in this Ukraine legislation. And that’s what the Senate sent to the House,” Griffin continued.

The Pentagon and the Deep State want more money for Ukraine.

Griffin is less a national security correspondent than a spokeswoman for those interests.

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