One Fox News star revealed this disturbing truth about Joe Biden and China

Feb 7, 2023

Confronting Communist China will serve as one of the major foreign policy tests of the next decade.

Joe Biden is failing on every front.

And now one Fox News star revealed this disturbing truth about Joe Biden and China.

Americans were furious that Joe Biden allowed a Communist Chinese spy balloon to fly across the entire United States without being shot down.

Joe Biden’s soft on China policy is coming under scrutiny.

As one of his final moves in office Donald Trump tried to ban TikTok – the social media app mostly known for people posting videos of themselves dancing.

But in reality the company that owns TikTok – ByteDance – answers to the Chinese Communist Party and the app transmits users personal information to the Chinese government.

Joe Biden reversed the ban on a Communist Chinese spy app, but was forced to accept it as Republicans were able to include it in the year end spending bill.

Appearing on Fox News Channel, former Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy could explain Joe Biden’s actions by explaining that Communist China compromised Joe Biden through the family’s business dealings.

“Listen, I’m a ‘Joe Biden’s compromised guy,’” Duffy stated. “I don’t know why, otherwise he wouldn’t have done it.”

Alabama Republican Congressman Barry Moore also expressed the belief that Communist China compromised Joe Biden by paying Hunter Biden millions of dollars.

“[T]here’s just one crisis after another,” Congressman Moore said on 106.5 FM Talk. “I tell everybody with this administration – it is just one crisis after another. The Chinese spy balloon is just another crisis that we respond miserably to. And I expect them to try to spin it and maybe even try to sound tough on China tomorrow night. But I think the ties of this administration to China, again – again, it weakens our country, and it puts us in a terrible position.”

“I think the Chinese know maybe they can push [Biden] because they have so much information on him and his son and their dealings that they just want to put him in a bad spot and continue to show they, in fact, control this administration than maybe we would like, for sure,” Moore added.

Hunter Biden business associate turned whistleblower Tony Bobulinski told Tucker Carlson in an October 2020 interview that a deal with CEFC – an energy company with ties to Communist Chinese intelligence – compromised Joe Biden and that if elected President Biden would not be able to act in America’s best interest towards the nation’s number one enemy.

And now it looks like there is real-time evidence proving Bobulinski right.

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