One leftist judge is about to make abortion on demand the law of the land and you won’t believe why

Feb 15, 2023

Millions of Americans cheered and thanked God when the Supreme Court overturned ‘Roe v. Wade’.

With this decision, the Supreme Court solidified for the nation that life wins every time.

But now one leftist judge is about to make abortion on demand the law of the land and you won’t believe why.

Thank God for Dobbs

One of the biggest sins our nation has ever faced is our acceptance of destroying unborn babies in the womb.

Abortion in the United States is one of the most impactful genocides in our nation’s history, as countless babies have died and been denied the right to live because they were unwanted.

Since the 1973 ‘Roe’ decision, the United States has embraced abortion as the law of the land.

Countless babies have been aborted since 1973.

Of course, these abortions were allowed based on the made-up legal theory about the Constitution with the right to privacy through the 14th Amendment.

According to socialist professors at some of the most radicalized left-wing schools in the nation, there was a right to privacy not directly outlined in the Constitution but theoretically put there through the 14th Amendment’s due process clause.

But thanks to the ‘Dobbs’ case and decades of pro-life advocacy, this past summer the Supreme Court finally corrected one of its worst errors in the Court’s history and overturned ‘Roe v Wade’.

And on June 24, 2022, babies in many parts of the United States were given the chance to live and mothers were given the chance to love that never would have been possible if not for ‘Dobbs’.

But the Left is doing everything they can to find a way to tarnish the Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling and bring back abortion on demand.

But this is even a new low for the Left.

Abortion through the 13th Amendment?

U.S. District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly is a Bill Clinton-appointed leftist who probably wants nothing more than to bring back ‘Roe’ as the law of the land.

Kollar-Kotelly is currently overseeing a criminal case in Washington, D.C., involving pro-life activists.

The ultimate issue for their case is if abortion is still a protected federal right.

And according to the judge, it most likely is still protected through the 13th Amendment.

“Whether the scope of ‘Dobbs’ is in fact confined to the 14th Amendment and whether, if so, any other provision of the Constitution could confer a right to abortion as an original matter such that ‘Dobbs’ may or may not be the final pronouncement on the issue, leaving an open question,” Judge Kollar-Kotelly wrote.

This is setting the case up to go to the Supreme Court and give the Left another chance at making abortion the law of the land.

But this on its face is one of the worst legal arguments imaginable.

The 13th Amendment protects American citizens from slavery and involuntary servitude.

However, there are very few mainstream cases on the issue since it is relatively straightforward.

And it has been established in case law that the 13th Amendment applies to work-related activities.

If the courts considered pregnancy voluntary servitude, then what else would be considered Constitutional?

The act of both becoming conceived and abortion is, the vast majority of the time, one of voluntary will.

On its face, the 13th Amendment argument for allowing abortion is unjustified.

Only time will tell to see if the Supreme Court will hear such a case.

But the Left is already laying the groundwork to grant such a delusional legal theory to make abortion the law of the land.

What do you think?

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