One robber walked into a restaurant grinning ear to ear but learned the hard way crime doesn’t pay

Jan 16, 2023

The Left wants to make sure you have no way of defending yourself from criminals. 

But thankfully not all citizens are helpless to the growing crime our nation is facing. 

And one robber walked into a restaurant grinning ear to ear but learned the hard way crime doesn’t pay.

The Second Amendment: Your right, the Left’s target

When our nation was founded, our founding fathers knew that Americans have the natural, God-given right to bear arms and defend themselves. 

And nearly 250 years ago our founding fathers made sure our right to bear arms was enshrined in the Second Amendment. 

But for decades now, the Left has been on the warpath against your right to protect you and your family with a firearm. 

They would rather watch you die as a victim than stand your ground with a firearm. 

That’s why they push so hard to take away your right to keep and bear arms.

The Left wants you to be a victim. 

The Left wants you to be subject to crime, to violence, and to whatever the hell they decide to do with you. 

They want to make sure you have no control over your security. 

And once you have no personal security, then you’ll have to go to the state to protect you and that’s when they got you in their grasp. 

But thankfully, the right to protect yourself and to bear arms has not been eradicated by the Left in Texas. 

And one thug learned this the hard way when he decided to rob a restaurant.

Play stupid games win stupid prizes

Recently, while patrons at Ranchito Taqueria were enjoying their meals, a thug suddenly rushed into the restaurant whipping a gun in peoples face.

Everyone looks terrified with some patrons even diving to hide under tables. 

The thug was going person-to-person, demanding their money and whatever else they had in their pockets. 

As the thug, now turned armed robber, was walking back and forth from the door to the back of the restaurant, one patron is seen trying to pull something out from under his shirt.

Then when the robber walks past him, the armed patron pulls out a handgun and shoots the robber.

As the robber falls to the ground, the scared and adrenaline filled-armed patron unloads his clip into the thug.

In the end, the robber is dead and now the armed patron is the subject of a grand jury investigation for homicide. 

You can already see the writing on the wall that the Left is going to paint the thug armed robber as some good little kid and the armed citizen as the villain.

Anything to push their narrative and make you subject to their radical agenda. 

We all know that the armed citizen in this situation did the right thing. 

He was just sitting there, minding his own business, when the thug came in brandishing his handgun in his face. 

Everyone in that room thought their life was in serious danger as the robber acted erratically and while waving his gun in their faces. 

But even with all signs pointing toward an armed, law-abiding citizen protecting himself and others with a firearm legally, the Houston’s District Attorney’s office is still taking the case to a grand jury. 

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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