One sports writer quit on the spot over this woke political statement

Aug 18, 2023

Social media showed that the sports media can be even more left-wing than the political press.

It’s too much for many Americans.

And one sports writer quit on the spot over this woke political statement.

Steve Eubanks has written for Global Gold Post since the outlet’s inception 12 years ago.

But one editorial decision caused Eubanks to resign on the spot.

The publication told Eubanks to interview LPGA golfer Amy Olson, who was set to compete in the U.S. Women’s Open at Pebble Beach despite being pregnant with her and her husband’s first child.

Eubanks’ interview with Olson about her pregnancy touched on the fact that one year ago the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. 

Even though they decried the Court sending the issue of abortion back to the states, Olson noted that the media and her fellow players recognize the unborn baby in her womb as a life.

“I will say that the irony is not lost on me that, one year ago, when Roe v. Wade was overturned, I was playing in a major championship outside Washington, D.C., and women from around the world, and even on tour, were outraged. Now, a year later, people are celebrating that I’m going to be playing a major championship with an unborn child that they recognize as a life,” Olson stated.

“Even on Golf Channel, one of the hosts said that instead of 156, this year there will be 157 players in the field, recognizing that our child is a human being who will be out there with me,” Olson added.

“That irony is not lost on me. I celebrate that our general humanity and common sense knows why this is something special,” Olson continued.

Olson also discussed the role her Christian faith plays in her life and how American society has grown more hostile to believers.

“But over the last decade, it’s become extremely difficult because a lot of the things that Christianity stands for have become political battlegrounds. Christ hasn’t changed His view on any of those things, but the culture has changed. So it’s a lot less acceptable to be an open Christian and to believe what Christianity has stood for the last 2,000 years,” Olson explained.

The sports media claims to celebrate athletes getting political.

ESPN and others made heroes out of the anti-American U.S. Women’s National Soccer team when they kneeled for the National Anthem.

But when Eubanks turned in his piece, the Global Golf Post’s editorial team told him the staff “went ballistic.”

In an interview with The Blaze, Eubanks said the editorial board demanded he remove the portions of the interview where Olson discussed her Pro-Life views and her Christian faith.

Eubanks said he would have reluctantly agreed to remove her comments on abortion on the grounds that a golf publication wasn’t the right platform for politics, but that censoring her comments about Christianity was a bridge too far.

“Several back-and-forth phone calls took place on this, and finally, the editor in chief called and said, ‘The only way we will run this piece is if we take out the abortion and the Christian stuff,'” Eubanks told The Blaze. “That last line did it for me.”

“I would have fought like the devil to get it in, but it wouldn’t have been that big of a deal,” Eubanks added. “The last line showed me that not only were they anti-news, but they were decidedly anti-Christian. And I just couldn’t accept that.”

Eubanks put his money where his mouth is and quit on the spot.

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