Paul Ryan made a prediction about Donald Trump that will leave your jaw on the ground

Jan 13, 2023

Former RINO Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was never a fan of Donald Trump.

But now Ryan is back and talking about the 2024 Presidential election.

Paul Ryan made a prediction about Donald Trump that will leave your jaw on the ground.

Ryan appeared on left-wing activist Jake Tapper’s show to promote his new book, American Renewal: A Conservative Plan to Strengthen the Social Contract and Save the Country’s Finances.

The book was a typical swamp screed designed to preserve big government and fund the socialist agenda in perpetuity.

At one point Tapper asked Ryan about his thoughts on Trump, noting that when Trump was President, Trump rejected Ryan’s politically-toxic policy vision.

“I know that when you were Speaker and Donald Trump was President, you guys would talk about this,” Tapper began. “And he did not understand why you would ever want to do it because it’s bad politics.”

“He just didn’t think it was ever popular,” Ryan responded.

Then Ryan launched into screed about the 2024 election saying Trump was a “proven loser” whose popularity was on the wane.

Ryan predicted that Trump would lose the GOP nomination and it wasn’t even worth talking about Trump’s impact on the Republican Party.

“Couple of things,” Ryan declared. “He’s fading fast. He is a proven loser. He cost us the House in ’18, he cost us the White House in ’20, he cost us the Senate again and again and I think we all know that. And I think we’re moving past Trump. I really think that’s the case. I can’t imagine getting him the nomination frankly.”

Paul Ryan is the type of proven loser who conservatives gave up on in 2016.

Ryan and his running mate Mitt Romney let Joe Biden and Barack Obama steamroll them in the 2012 election.

Obama and Biden accused Romney and Ryan of being racist, vulture capitalists who were happy to kill old people and working class Americans.

Ryan and Romney smiled and nodded while never once fighting back against these attacks.

In addition, Ryan represented the establishment Republican policy agenda of the GOP that supported open borders, amnesty, globalist trade deals, and endless foreign wars that were completely detached from the reality of what the party base wanted.

Ryan’s seethed ever since he and his swamp allies lost control of the GOP to Trump.

And now in 2024 Ryan’s faction of the party wants their revenge.

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