President Joe Biden is winning Americans over to one of Donald Trump’s top issues

Feb 17, 2023

Joe Biden is a record-setting President. 

But one of his records is turning Americans against him. 

And now President Joe Biden is winning Americans over to one of Donald Trump’s top issues. 

Border crisis spiraling out of control

The number of illegal aliens crossing the border every month under Joe Biden is so high that it’s hard for many Americans to contextualize. 

For example, last month more than 155,000 illegal aliens were apprehended by Border Patrol agents, which is the highest number on record for a January.

This doesn’t include the number of known “got-aways” who evaded Border Patrol and made it into the country.

To put these numbers into perspective, this is the equivalent of the entire population of Kansas City crossing the border illegally. 

In December, more than 250,000 illegal aliens entered the country, which is triple the amount during Donald Trump’s last full month in office.

Since President Joe Biden took the oath of office, more than 6.1 million illegal aliens have crossed the southern border.

Unfortunately, the crisis on the border is only going to get worse. 

At his State of the Union Address, President Biden once again called for amnesty for illegal aliens. 

But according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, the President is operating a highly questionable parole program for illegal aliens. 

The program offers parole to 360,000 illegal aliens and disperse them throughout communities – both big and small – all across the country. 

Biden accidentally recruits new border hawks 

Biden’s performance is changing hearts and minds, but not in the way Democrats were hoping. 

In fact, an annual Gallup survey measuring attitudes on the border crisis shows support for Trump-like immigration policies have doubled since Biden took office.

According to Gallup, 40% of Americans want less immigration into the United States, which is a 21-point increase from the 19% of voters who said the same thing in January of 2021. 

It’s also up five points from the 35% who felt that way this time last year. 

Only 8% of voters said they wanted more immigration, while 15% said they’d like it to remain at current levels. 

40% represents the highest percentage of Americans since 2016 – before Donald Trump won the Presidency – who want less immigration. 

And while 71% of Republicans say there is too much immigration, they’re not alone. 

36% of Independents and even 19% of Democrats believe the same thing. 

In total, 63% of voters now say they are “dissatisfied” with the current state of immigration in America. 

“Amid news of the migrant surge along the border with Mexico and the humanitarian and political problems arising from it, Americans across the political spectrum have grown less content with the level of U.S. immigration in recent years,” Gallup wrote in its survey summary. 

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