Prince Harry just revealed what he really thinks about Meghan’s R-rated acts on screen

Jan 9, 2023

Meghan Markle has been around the block. 

But now it looks like Meghan getting around is really having an impact on her husband, Prince Harry. 

And Prince Harry just revealed what he really thinks about Meghan’s R-rated acts on screen. 

We all know that Hollywood is a town where people just get around all the time. 

Just ask Harvey Weinstein.

You can’t make a name for yourself in Hollywood unless you are willing to sleep around. 

And Meghan Markle realized this from the beginning when she moved to Hollywood. 

Meghan used many of her talents to advance her career

The Left and the Fake News Media have done their best to make Meghan seem like she is as pure as the wind-driven snow. 

But in all reality, she is just as lewd and corrupt as any other actor in the sinful film capital of the world. 

When she got a gig on the hit television show Suits, her role was a simple one. 

Meghan was the paralegal on the show who slept around. 

Practically every other episode she was sleeping around. 

But it looks like Meghan may have taken her character on the show to heart.

As she made her rounds on the show, she also was known for getting around in real life. 

Before she met Harry, Meghan was pretty steady with Hollywood Producer Trevor Engelson.

Meghan appeared in his film Remember Me, which helped kick start her career before Suits

And Meghan even temporarily settled down and married Engelson. 

But as we know today, she is with Prince Harry after she and Engelson were divorced just months before Meghan and Harry started to date. 

Ever since they met and began dating, Meghan has managed to screw over the whole Royal Family with her outlandish claims. 

But for Prince Harry, the worst thing about Meghan isn’t the fact that she got around with a number of guys. 

His problem is that he has to watch it. 

Harry doesn’t like to share

What a beta male move. 

Prince Harry has an upcoming book being released with a lot of fanfare surrounding it. 

But the book really goes into detail about how much of a wimp Prince Harry really is.

To be honest, he should not share a lot of these stories in this tell-all book. 

This is the prime example. 

Prince Harry claims in the book that he was taken aback by all the sex scenes Meghan had while she was on the show Suits.

According to many reports, the disgraced former member of the British Royal Family claims that he made “the mistake of Googling and watching some of her love scenes online.”

He continued that he was shocked at what he saw and stated, “I’d witnessed her and a castmate mauling each other in some sort of office or conference room.”

This should have been Prince Harry’s warning sign with regards to what he was getting into. 

Meghan used herself as a sex object to get anywhere in life and he should have seen the writing on the wall that she was going to use him next to advance. 

Harry was her get rich quick card. 

And in the end, Harry got played, plain and simple.

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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