Prince Harry shared intimate details about his first time with an older lady and a horse that would make even the late Queen blush

Jan 16, 2023

People always remember their first time. 

Usually people keep those sorts of details to themselves.

But Prince Harry shared intimate details about his first time with an older lady and a horse that would make even the late Queen blush.

Prince Harry’s fall from Royalty

We have watched the downfall of some men who used to have their lives under control. 

They used to be looked up to by their peers and now they have become nothing more than chattel for their wives.

But rarely do you see this happen to the biggest names in our society. 

Well, there’s one household name that most of us in western civilization have at least heard of that is literally crumbling right before our very eyes. 

Prince Harry used to be a man. 

He served in the British military and was a founder of the Invictus Games, which provided competition to those servicemen wounded while on duty. 

All signs were pointing toward Harry actually have some testosterone flowing.

But over the past couple of years, Prince Harry has become nothing more than a beta male. 

No one’s really sure the exact reason, but of all the reasons for his complete collapse from manhood, most signs point towards Meghan Markle whipping him into compliance. 

He went from being in the British Royal Family to being nothing more than Meghan Markle’s little toy.

But even as whipped as Prince Harry has become, no one could have ever have expected his beta male condition to be this bad.

Most of us can remember the first time that we got lucky with a gal.

It might not have been pretty and odds are it was way too short, but thankfully your first time wasn’t like Prince Harry. 

Harry gives to many intimate details on his first rodeo 

In his new tell all book, Harry spills the beans on how he first spilled his seed. 

Prince Harry claims that losing his virginity included a horse and an old woman in a pasture out back of a pub. 

The disgraced former Royal claims that losing his virginity was:

“a humiliating episode with an older woman who liked horses a lot and treated me like a young stallion… I mounted her quickly, after which she spanked me on the backside and sent me on my way. One of my mistakes was to do it in a field, just behind a crowded pub. No doubt someone had seen us.”

Some are trying to give Harry too much credit here and are speculating that the older woman was supermodel Liz Hurley.

But she has already denied being the old hag Harry bagged. 

The real sad thing about this whole story is the idea that Harry thinks it’s okay just to tell people that he banged an older lady for his first time in such a humiliating way.

What a beta male move to complain to the world about your first time with all the details left in there.

But guess that’s what happens when your wife wears the pants and demands that you make some money. 

Sell books to keep Meghan happy.

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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