Prince Harry’s latest move has royal experts scratching their heads

Nov 9, 2023

The British monarchy attracts more attention, publicity, and tourism than any other monarchy in human history. 

As King Charles III prepares for his 75th birthday, many royal subjects and Anglophiles reflect on the storied history of the crown and the many individuals and political movements that threaten its demise. 

And Prince Harry’s latest move has royal experts scratching their heads. 

Prince Harry seems to have a deep-rooted resentment for the institution that created him 

Few institutions are as storied as the British monarchy, which operates under a massive magnifying glass after centuries of rule. 

With that in mind, the United Kingdom’s reigning monarch, King Charles III, plans to celebrate his 75th birthday in a manner fit for a King on November 14. 

According to sources close to the royal family, King Charles’s youngest son, Prince Harry, is not expected to attend the celebration. 

Rumors abound that Harry and Charles are not on speaking terms, especially following the release of Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, which contained many disparaging claims and remarks about his father and his brother Prince William, who sits as the heir apparent to the throne. 

However, Prince Harry’s feud with his father goes back much further than the release of his latest book. 

For decades, royal experts have claimed that the father-son duo have sparred on a number of instances, culminating in Harry’s departure from his royal duties following his marriage to American B-list actress Meghan Markle.  

Grant Harrold, who worked for King Charles directly before his ascension to the throne, recently spoke out about the broken relationship between King Charles and his son and what this means for his upcoming birthday celebration. 

“I’d like to think that after everything that has happened, he would do the right thing and make it known he’s thinking of him on his special day,” Harrold said. “Charles will be missing him deep down. It doesn’t make sense for Harry not to do that.”

“They were so close and it was lovely to see their relationship back then,” he added. “Even though they may not be as close as they were, I believe one day they can get back to a good place.”

Harrold’s claims lean on the optimistic side, and many believe that the two will never mend their relationship following Harry and Meghan’s repeated attacks on King Charles, Prince William, and the British Monarchy. 

What the feud could mean for the future of the British Monarchy 

For many Brits and Americans, it is hard to see the significance of a feud over a King’s 75th birthday party. 

However, the British monarchy continues to provide a semblance of stability in a world that constantly degrades traditions and institutions of Western culture. 

The destruction of the British Monarchy would not only be a massive revenue loss for the United Kingdom, but it would also symbolize the destruction of an institution that has facilitated the spread of the English language, enlightenment principles, and industrialization to vast expanses of the globe.   

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