RINO Chris Christie bashes Trump in what many believe is a windup for this major announcement

Dec 14, 2022

Republicans’ much-anticipated red wave never really got going in the 2022 Midterms.

And many in the establishment are trying to throw all the blame on Donald Trump while ignoring their own abject failure.

That’s why RINO Christie is bashing Trump in what many believe is a windup for this major announcement.

For more than a year, political pundits and GOP hacks have been talking about a “red wave” or even a “red tsunami” that would sweep the GOP into power.

While the Republicans did barely retake the House, they did not fare well in the Senate where Democrats maintained control.

Red wave proponents missed the boat

And ever since the failure of a big red wave to materialize, the same pundits who were wrong about the wave in the first place are now trying to assign blame.

So naturally, they are blaming Donald Trump.

Some, like former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are going so far as to say Trump is “toxic.”

But what none of these RINO talking heads will admit is, they are the ones who falsely predicted a big red wave, and they are just as much to blame as anyone.

In fact, they completely missed the boat on their prediction of a red tidal wave.  

It was actually never going to materialize.

While Christie and others may have a point that Trump is toxic with certain voters, like suburban women, the GOP establishment doesn’t have a great track record of winning either (see Liz Cheney). 

Issues and principles matter

The simple fact is the best-case scenario for the Republicans is to have candidates who run on and fight for conservative principles. 

And to have party leadership that doesn’t constantly sell out the base, and the Constitution, for minor political “gains.”

A clear example of this was seen in Florida this year where Governor Ron DeSantis and his allies truly established winning coalitions based around issues and conservative principles.

In fact, a look at the Trump Presidency clearly shows one that was successful.

He kept more promises to his supporters and all voters than many GOP candidates would ever dream of or care to.

Donald Trump proved that issues and principles do matter.

Who will take up the flag? 

But at the same time, most pundits are now acknowledging that it’s time to move on as Trump’s brand may be simply too damaged to have him continue being the leader of the party. 

If that is the case, who will take up the flag of the winning GOP coalitions?

Chris Christie seems to think it should be him.

That’s why he has begun making the talk show circuit rounds.

The former Governor appeared recently on ABC’s This Week and said former President Donald Trump has caused the Democrats to keep winning, not Republicans.

Christie said, “Bad candidates lose. Good candidates have a chance to win. And Herschel Walker was not a good candidate. And, you know, he wasn’t a good candidate because of a whole variety of issues that we saw that came out during the campaign.”

Christie added, “And on the Donald Trump side, I mean, you know, we all remember, in 2016, he said, if he got elected, there was going to be so much winning and winning and winning and winning, they’d get sick of winning. None of us knew at the time he was actually talking about the Democrats were going to do all that winning, not the Republicans. And that’s what he’s wrought. And Herschel Walker is his creation. And so he’s got to own the fact that Herschel Walker so vastly underperformed in a state as — as we saw earlier, every other Republican running statewide won, except for Herschel Walker. You know what that tells you? Bad candidate.”

While many believe Christie is attacking his former ally to try and set himself as the “heir apparent,” the fact is he would be a disaster for the GOP.

The best bet for a GOP flag bearer (if not Trump) is someone like Ron DeSantis, Rand Paul, or Kristi Noem.

In other words someone who has proven to stand on and fight for principle and not compromised or sold out when it mattered most.

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