Ron DeSantis better get ready for the fight of his political life as the media takes aim

Jan 31, 2023

Governor Ron DeSantis is really starting to become a national threat on the political stage for Democrats. 

And as his prominence gets bigger and bigger, so does the target on his back as Democrats and their allies in the press try to take him out. 

Now Ron DeSantis better get ready for the fight of his political life as the media takes aim. 

The rising star from the Sunshine State

As the Nature Boy once said, “to be the man you’ve gotta beat the man!”

And that saying goes for politics as well. 

Just look back at the 2016 election. 

President Donald Trump took on every single candidate the Republican Party could throw at him. 

In one of the largest candidate pools ever seen by a Republican Primary with seventeen major candidates, Donald Trump picked off each of his contenders one by one until he was the last man standing in the room. 

Donald Trump beat them all and became “The Man” himself. 

And it looks like now the rising star within the Republican ranks is Governor Ron DeSantis. 

Time will tell how high he goes in popularity and support. 

Just being the Governor of Florida itself will put you on a pedestal that very few Republicans could even dream of. 

But Ron DeSantis is doing more than just sitting in his seat as Governor. 

Governor DeSantis is kicking butt and taking names of the Left. 

Every week there is a new issue he’s going after and he isn’t taking any prisoners.

For instance, Disney has gotten a free pass from both Democrats and Republicans over the years as they helped indoctrinate the next generation with wokeism. 

Well, Ron DeSantis wanted to make sure Disney knew its place and after some punches thrown back and forth, DeSantis won the fight as Florida is on the verge of pulling Disney’s special tax status. 

But now you can tell that the Left is starting to take him seriously. 

As the Left always does when they have nothing else to chuck at you and they are desperately trying to destroy you, the Left will cry racism. 

Got nothing else? 

DeSantis has taken on a new objective of getting the Left’s propaganda in Florida’s schools. 

And one step he just took to eradicate wokeism in Florida’s schools is to remove an African American studies AP course from its curriculum.

And when you look at the course you can see why it was removed. 

As DeSantis brought to the limelight, a key subject in the African American course is studying “queer theory.”

There is nothing else in black history you could teach about?

Now here comes the Left to smear DeSantis and label him a racist. 

The Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin wrote an opinion piece claiming that DeSantis has “gone full-blown white supremacist, banning the College Board’s Advanced Placement for African American studies course from Florida’s schools.”

Rubin continued to say that “this is about rewriting history to wipe out a critical part of our American experience, to deny the wrongs done to millions of Americans and to exempt institutions from the obligation to take a hard look at remedying past injustice.”

Yes, because after all, we all know that queer theory has played such a vital role in African American history. 

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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