Ron DeSantis got hit with one question about Donald Trump that will decide everything

May 25, 2023

It’s officially “game on” between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump.

After months of speculation, DeSantis is finally in the race and he’s playing with live ammo.

And Ron DeSantis got hit with one question about Donald Trump that will decide everything.

The Wall Street Journal reported that anti-Trump Special Counsel Jack Smith is wrapping up his witch hunt into the Mar-a-Lago documents dispute.

No one knows for sure what will happen, but given Smith’s history of anti-Republican bias and abuses of power directed at GOP politicians, many expect him to hit Trump with a sham indictment.

And since any trial for Trump would be held in 95 percent Democrat Washington, D.C., Smith is assured of a rigged outcome from the get go.

Jesse Watters discussed these developments with Washington Times columnist Chalue Hurst.

Hurst discussed the overall state of the race and noted that while Trump is leading DeSantis by over 30 points, the polls are not that important right now.

But Hurst did want to expand upon Watters’ point that Joe Biden will have Trump arrested out of fear he can’t defeat him in 2024.

“The problem is he’s been running for months,” Hurt stated. “And the more that he runs, the lower his poll numbers go. I think poll numbers right now are completely irrelevant. They mean absolutely nothing. You raise a really interesting point about Joe Biden arresting–having Donald Trump arrested.”

“So, what does DeSantis say if Biden arrests Trump?” Watters asked in response.

Biden arresting Trump would put DeSantis on the spot.

DeSantis is Trump’s chief rival.

But Republicans know any indictment handed down by the Biden administration against Trump is a political ploy to hurt his campaign.

If DeSantis sidestepped the issue or agreed with the indictment, Trump supporters would never back his campaign.

Hurst agreed that any Biden indictment of Donald Trump put DeSantis in a bind since he was just beginning to introduce himself to the broader public.

“Good question,” Hurt added. “That is just one of the many hornets’ nests that Ron DeSantis is going to have to face. And he’s going to have to figure it out. The problem for DeSantis is he has tremendous support in Florida. He’s done great things in Florida. But, if you talk to people in Florida who love him, the reason they love him is because they have personally been affected by his policies and what he’s done. If you live in Iowa, you’ve not been personally affected by what Ron DeSantis has done with his policies in Florida. And he’s got to figure out how to convey that.”

Watters shot back that DeSantis’ only option after Biden indicts Trump is to say he will pardon him immediately if he wins the Presidency.

“So DeSantis says, after they arrest Trump, he has to say, ‘I’ll pardon the former President,’” Watters stated.

“That would be a good first step,” Hurt agreed.

But would Ron DeSantis say that?

Coming to Trump’s aide after a Biden indictment would look like DeSantis uniting around his top rival.

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