Sean Hannity was stunned by what this top Republican just said about Donald Trump

Feb 24, 2023

Sean Hannity is one of the most popular hosts on Fox News Channel.

That’s why appearing on his show is a must for any Republican running for President.

And Sean Hannity was stunned by what this top Republican just said about Donald Trump.

37-year old anti-woke businessman Vivek Ramaswamy announced he was running for President in the GOP Primary.

Ramaswamy made his name on Fox News over the last two years crusading against ESG – Environment, Social, and Government – investment strategies where woke corporations force Red states to adopt the Left’s socialist climate change policies by controlling where state pension funds are invested.

Ramaswamy announced his candidacy on Tucker Carlson’s show and told the audience that dismantling the woke bureaucracy was the chief aim of his campaign.

Naturally, Ramaswamy’s next stop was Sean Hannity’s show.

One of Hannity’s first questions to Ramaswamy was how he differed from Donald Trump, which is an obvious question since he would have to defeat him to win the nomination.

“You’re looking for the Republican nomination,” Hannity began. “Probably the leader right now would be Donald Trump if you look at the polls. What are the policy differences you have between yourself and Donald Trump?”

But Ramaswamy ducked the question and declined to criticize Trump.

“First of all, Donald Trump is a friend,” Ramaswamy declared. “I am not running against him. I’m running on a vision for our nation.”

That answer shocked Hannity since Ramaswamy is running against Trump for the GOP nomination.

“Wait, wait. But you’re not running for him. You’re running against him. Let’s be honest,” Hannity responded.

Ramaswamy followed with an answer that showed he was not really in the race to win the nomination.

Instead, he is running to bring public awareness to the woke ideology that dominates the federal government and corporate America.

“He was the OG America First. I am talking about taking that to the next level with America First 2.0,” Ramaswamy added. “Let’s get the job done, which means dismantling federal bureaucracy.”

Ramaswamy  proposed an “eight-year sunset clause for anybody in the federal bureaucracy,” which would help drain the Swamp and shut down federal agencies like the Department of Education.

“So I think it’s about taking it to the next level,” Ramaswamy said.

Ramaswamy was not the only 2024 contender to evade the question of how they differed from Trump.

Nikki Haley also dodged that question and the opportunity to criticize Trump during an appearance on Hannity’s show.

The reluctance to attack Trump shows that for all the corporate-controlled media and establishment wishful thinking that his grip on the GOP is slipping, the Republican candidates running against Trump are afraid of alienating his base.

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