Swing state voters are raising hell over this green energy scheme by Joe Biden

Jul 1, 2024

Joe Biden has pursued the most extreme environmental agenda in American history.

Now that’s put him in an awkward position in a must-win state this November. 

And swing state voters are raising hell over this green energy scheme by Joe Biden. 

Joe Biden’s war on fossil fuels backfiring in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has emerged as one of the most important states in the Presidential election. 

Former President Donald Trump became the first Republican since 1988 to win the state in the 2016 Election.

Pennsylvania narrowly flipped to President Joe Biden in the 2020 Election by a little more than 80,000 votes. 

The winner of the state’s 19 Electoral Votes will have the inside track on winning the race for the White House.

Fossil fuel production has been a major part of the state’s economy for more than a century.

Pennsylvania had a robust coal mining industry that’s suffered since former President Barack Obama launched his war on coal.

Biden vowed to end the use of fossil fuels and has tried to decimate Pennsylvania’s coal and natural gas production.

His administration vowed a “just transition” for communities that were dependent on coal mining.

But a report from The Washington Post found that residents in Pennsylvania’s coal country feel like they’re being abandoned by the Biden administration.

Indiana County, Pennsylvania, is in the heart of coal country and has suffered from the industry’s decline.

“We get overlooked all the time,” Indiana County Office of Planning and Development LuAnn Zak said. 

Coal-fired power plants have been closing at a rapid pace because of environmental regulations.

The Homer City Generating Station – a coal-fired power plant – closed down last year in Indiana County.

120 workers represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) were laid off at the plant.

“There’s nothing being put out to help energy workers,” IBEW Local 459 President Aric Baker said.

Democrats’ promise of green jobs continues to never pan out

Obama promised a boom in green jobs during his administration after spending hundreds of billions in taxpayer money.

But the green jobs revolution never materialized.

Biden promised that workers in the fossil fuel industry would be able to transition to green jobs.

A study from The University of Pennsylvania and others found that less than one percent of workers in the fossil fuel industry move into a green job.

“People talk about a just transition, but there’s not any transition when something like this happens, when part of an economy collapses and thousands of people lose their jobs in the coal industry,” United Mine Workers of America President Cecil Roberts told the Post.

Retired Homer City Generating Station worker Tom Roser predicted that Trump returning to the White House could revive the plant.

“I think if he gets back in, you’ll see this coal plant open back up,” Roser said.

Pennsylvania is one of the most evenly divided states in the country.

Joe Biden’s war on coal and the fossil fuel industry could cost him enough voters to tip the state into the GOP column this November.

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