Taylor Swift could help elect Donald Trump by doing one simple thing

Aug 23, 2023

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is already confounding the so-called “experts.”

But Joe Biden is facing one surprising vulnerability.

And Taylor Swift could help elect Donald Trump by doing one simple thing.

An Emerson College poll showed Donald Trump leading Joe Biden 42 to 41 percent, with Green Party candidate Cornel West taking five percent of the vote.

But Emerson also tested pop megastar Taylor Swift as a third-party candidate to see if voters were picking West for ideological reasons or if there was a hardening resistance in the electorate to Biden serving as President for two terms.

It turned out to be the latter.

Emerson’s poll found Trump growing his lead to three points over Biden with Swift on the ballot.

Polling director Spencer Kimball explained this was due to the fact that Trump’s base is locked in while Biden’s support is softer than ice cream.

“The Swift test suggests that Biden’s support is softer than Trump’s, whose support is more locked-in,” Kimball explained. “Biden is more vulnerable to third-party options like West, who appears to appeal more to Biden’s voter base than Trump’s.”

The warning signs were there for Biden and the Democrats all along.

A recent New York Times/Siena poll found 64 percent of Democrats do not want Joe Biden as their candidate in 2024.

This is Democrats’ way of registering their unease with the fact they can tell Joe Biden is too frail and senile to continue serving as President.

Hating Donald Trump is no longer enough to get them to support Biden in the face of his decline and him presiding over an economy that few Americans think is working for them.

As Biden leans into the “Bidenomics” phase, he is taking ownership for an economy beset by inflation, with prices up roughly 17 percent since he took office.

Despite the media attempting to gaslight the public about how wonderful the economy is, Americans can see the price for everyday items like gas, eggs, milk, and meat.

Americans are ignoring the indictments and focusing on the job Joe Biden is doing as President.

And if the election stays a referendum on Joe Biden, then that is good news for the GOP.

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