Ted Cruz asked one simple question that left Chuck Schumer hitting the panic button

Oct 25, 2023

Chuck Schumer is getting nervous about the 2024 election.

A colossal blunder by one of his top Senate recruits is making waves. 

And Ted Cruz asked one simple question that left Chuck Schumer hitting the panic button.

Ted Cruz (R-TX) is a top target for Democrats to flip a Senate seat from Red to Blue during the 2024 election.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is facing a daunting Senate map next year that favors Republicans, with Democrats defending seats in Red states.

Cruz won a closer than expected race in 2018 against media darling Beto O’Rourke by 2.6%.

Democrats thought that they had landed the perfect recruit to oust Cruz next year in Representative Colin Allred (D-TX).

Allred, a former NFL player, flipped a longtime Republican Congressional seat in 2018.

Democrats are already pouring millions of dollars into his campaign in an effort to turn Texas Blue.

Allred shot himself in the foot during an interaction with a reporter and raised serious doubts about if he’s ready for the spotlight of a statewide race in Texas.

Ted Cruz’s challenger threatens to arrest a reporter for asking a question

Colin Allred was grilled by a reporter in the public area of the Cannon House Office Building in Washington, D.C., about his support for releasing millions of dollars in taxpayer funding that could wind up in the hands of Hamas.

The interaction between the Texas lawmaker and the reporter was recorded.

“Congressman Allred, do you regret calling for the release of millions of dollars to Hamas?” a reporter asked him several times while he was walking down a hallway.

Allred, shocked that a member of the media would dare challenge a Democrat, lashed out at the reporter.

“I’ll get the Capitol Police for you,” Allred snapped at the reporter. “You’re on federal property, stop doing this.”

Allred was in a public area where Congressional rules clearly state that video and audio recordings are allowed.

In 2021, he signed a letter that demanded President Joe Biden release millions of taxpayer dollars to the Gaza Strip that was frozen because of the Palestinians’ alleged propensity to funnel international aid into terrorism.

The reporter continued to press a visibly angry Allred about his eagerness to fund Hamas.

“Why are you standing with Hamas over Israel?” the reporter continued. “Why are you supporting Biden’s open border policies?”

“We will get the Capitol Police for you,” Allred fired back.

Allred threatened to sic the police on a reporter for asking a basic question about a policy position he supports.

Cruz responded on social media to the disturbing video of Allred threatening a reporter with an important question.

“This is bizarre,” Cruz wrote. “Reporters ask Members of Congress Qs EVERY DAY at the Capitol. I answer reporter Qs every day at the Capitol. What the hell does he mean, ‘you’re on federal property; you can’t do this here?’ That’s just false. What’s he hiding??”

Elected officials are expected to deal with questions from the press and defend their records.

If he can’t explain his stance to a reporter without threatening to call the police, he’s in over his head as a politician.

Colin Allred was touted as the dream candidate to beat Ted Cruz, but he’s clearly not ready for prime time.

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