Ted Cruz noticed one strange thing about this video of Joe Biden

Feb 24, 2023

Joe Biden was hoping no one would pick up on it.

But someone did. 

And Ted Cruz noticed one strange thing about this video of Joe Biden.

Joe Biden’s handlers arranged a secret trip to Ukraine that the corporate-controlled media played up as the first time an American President visited an active war zone since Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War.

Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky even strode into downtown Kyiv while air raid sirens blared in an attempt to show how brave Biden was in disregarding the threat of a Russian attack while expressing his full commitment to Ukraine.

The only problem is that the whole thing was staged.

On an episode of his podcast, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and co-host Ben Ferguson explained that Zelensky fell back on his training as an actor because both he and Biden knew there was no actual danger.

“Listen, you’re right. Zelensky is engaged in theater as well. And look, Zelensky, before he was President, he was an actor,” Cruz stated.

Cruz noted that neither Biden nor Zelensky seemed phased by the air raid sirens, which is not how someone would react if they thought bombs could drop at any moment.

“He was a professional actor in a popular sitcom in Ukraine. And now he’s President. He understands acting. And so, you know, it’s a little jarring seeing all of these images of him in a sweatshirt and fatigues next to Biden in his pressed suit,” Cruz added. “Zelensky is always in this outfit and it is a costume and he understands what he’s doing. It is a performance.”

“The fact that neither Biden nor Zelensky flinch, look around, do anything when the air raid sirens go off, means both of them knew about it because there’s no chance you’re walking through and suddenly air raid sirens go off. You react and you react quickly,” Cruz continued. 

Cruz concluded by saying that “no one who is familiar with a war zone just ignores an air raid siren.”

The Ukrainians played the air raid siren just for show and dramatic effect, as it had been several days since an air raid siren went off in Kyiv.

The Biden administration also told the Russians ahead of time that he would be in Ukraine, meaning there was no chance the Russians would even mess around with flying planes in the area that day.

The air raid siren and sense of danger for Biden’s visit was as phony as the idea that America has a national security interest in Ukraine.

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