The Biden Administration is desperately trying to keep these facts out of the hands of the public

Dec 23, 2022

Everyone knows that the government has lied straight to our faces. 

But rarely are the facts that are hidden so plainly obvious and affects so many people in this nation.

And the Biden Administration is desperately trying to keep these facts out of the hands of the public. 

If you have any common sense and you’re aware at all what’s going on in our nation, you know deep down inside that you shouldn’t really trust the government as they have lied to you. 

The feds love to lie

And it’s not just a new phenomenon as the federal government has lied about facts for decades now. 

Just look at John F. Kennedy’s assassination. 

You would think the government would be as open as possible when the leader of the free world is openly assassinated for everyone to see. 

But it took years and countless hours of investigations for us to have a small amount of facts about what happened on that day in Dallas, Texas. 

And even to this day everyone knows we don’t have all the facts about that awful day. 

This has led some to form credible opinions regarding who killed John F. Kennedy and one with theories ranging from the Cubans to the CIA. 

And just look at all the military and intelligence operations the government has hidden from you and lied to your face about. 

So having the American people lied to and kept in the dark by the government is nothing new.

And no one should really expect the Biden administration to be truthful to the American people. 

But of all the lies they’ve said, none will affect so many and is so obviously a lie to the American people as this one fact that they’re trying to hide now. 

Gag Order on Illegal Immigration 

Illegal immigration has been one of the biggest issues over the past year that our nation is faced. 

Countless illegal aliens have fled across the border in droves and have nearly broken the immigration system. 

Now unknown actors, unknown amounts of drugs, and countless criminals have fled into Middle America. 

The federal government may not be able to tell us exactly what the damage will be from this massive influx of illegal immigration, but we all know that they know the facts about how many people crossed into the United States, or at least how many people they have made contact with. 

But now the Biden Administration has put a gag order in place that keeps Border Patrol agents from communicating to the public factual numbers about the crisis happening at the border.

A recent directive from Customs and Border Protection directs all managers for the agency to immediately stop releasing numbers on migrant apprehensions to the public without approval from the agency. 

This comes after many managers and agents for Border Patrol have been providing detailed reports about what is really happening at the border. 

The government clearly could care less about what you think with them becoming so obvious in their restriction of the facts that have an impact on every hard-working American family. 

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