The Biden Administration is furious they can’t stop you from watching this new movie

Sep 13, 2022

Year-after-year Hollywood puts out one woke movie after another.

This pattern has played an underrated part in changing America’s culture.

But now one movie has just been released and President Joe Biden does not want you to watch it.

My Son Hunter

The reviews are in and viewers are going nuts for Robert Davi’s new movie, My Son Hunter.

The movie chronicles the Biden Crime Family and specifically the events surrounding the “Laptop from Hell” story that was suppressed on social media ahead of the 2020 Presidential election.

The movie stars Laurence Fox of UK television fame as Hunter Biden and John James from Dynasty as Joe Biden.

And, as you can see in the above trailer, Cancel Culture victim Gina Carrano plays a pivotal part in the plot as well.

Conservative critics, and honest brokers alike are loving what they’re seeing in the new movie distributed by Breitbart News.

The reviews are in

“Director Robert Davi’s brilliant Biden satire,” a review from the Epoch Times read. “Laurence Fox’s portrayal of Hunter Biden is a career-defining performance.”

My Son Hunter is extremely well-directed, written and acted, with some crazy, funny moments and high drama. It takes a complex subject with many details and boils everything down to a digestible, absorbing story,” writes MOVIEGUIDE.

“Not your mother’s conservative movie,” says the Daily Mail.

“The most ambitious Hunter Biden project to date . . . with well-researched scenes taken from both [Bidens’] memoirs and reports derived from [Hunter’s laptop] hard drive,” raved Politico.

Of course, just importantly, the “gangster comedy” is making all the right people angry.

The Daily Beast, Daily Kos and the Guardian have all released hit pieces decrying the film.

They’re not used to movies that don’t cater to their preferred narrative.

A new alternate economy

In less than 24 hours, already more than 4.5-million people had watched Davi’s new flick.

And while viewers seem to be enjoying the movie, others are even more excited about what this movie means for the future.

My Son Hunter is an incredible example of conservatives looking for alternate venues to spend their hard-earned money,” said Donald Trump Jr. “I think we’re creating an entire new economy. This [film] is going to be part of the tip of the spear of that. I want it to be successful because I want people to understand just how important this is. We’re fighting for our values. We’re fighting for our country, and we’re just fighting for the future that we want to leave our children.”

Center-Left YouTube podcaster, and free-speech advocate Tim Pool agrees with Trump Jr.

“Building culture is the most important thing we can do,” Pool said. “And that’s why I think the movie (Breitbart) is doing is so important. I’m excited for this.”

The censorship of the Hunter Biden “Laptop from Hell” story effectively won the election for Biden.

A Media Research Center poll conducted after the election found 17% of Biden voters said they would have switched their votes had they known about the story – more than enough to have swung the election to then-President Donald Trump.

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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