The CEO of Ford instantly regretted taking one of the company’s electric trucks on a road trip

Aug 28, 2023

The troubles continue for the electric vehicle (EV) movement.

While the Biden administration and many states continue to try and force all Americans to make the switch to electric, the problems with the vehicles keep surging.

And the CEO of Ford instantly regretted taking one of the company’s electric trucks on a road trip.

Ford Motor Company CEO Jim Farley recently took a short road trip in one of his company’s own electric vehicles in order to get a firsthand experience of the troubles that many of his customers are having with the signature Ford EV product.

A shocking assessment

Farley shocked the auto industry and the backers of an all-EV market by being refreshingly honest in his assessment of the vehicle’s performance on the trip.

This is especially true for the CEO of a company that has invested so heavily in the production of electric vehicles.

Farley’s trip took him from Palo Alto, California to Las Vegas, Nevada, a 547-mile trip that normally takes roughly eight to nine hours to drive.

The Ford CEO hit his first snag when he tried to find a reliable charging station. 

Even though the bulk of the trip occurred in California, which has invested more heavily in electric vehicle infrastructure than any other state in the country, Farley admitted the problem of finding good charging stations was a major issue.

He pointed out that the delays caused by bad charging stations were a major source of frustration.

Farley admitted as much in a post on X that said “charging has been pretty challenging.” 

He noted that while he had a good charging experience at a major Tesla facility, it took 40 minutes to charge the vehicle up to 40% at a lower speed charging location.

The Ford CEO admitted that “it was a really good reality check of the challenges of what our customers go through and the importance of fast charging and what we’re going to have to do to improve the charging experience.” 

That’s not the only problem

Farley pointed out that Ford is currently partnering with Tesla to attempt to increase the number of fast charging stations available to Ford EV customers.

He is also working to install fast chargers at all certified Ford dealers.

While these efforts might improve the charging experience of electric vehicle customers in the short term, Farley missed one important problem.

While additional fast charging stations may improve the speed at which EV owners can charge their vehicles, they will not solve the much larger threat that is looming for the industry.

The reality is that there is not enough power in the United States power grid to handle a transition over to electric vehicles.

In fact, even staunch advocates of EVs admit that the United States power grid is simply not ready for a mass transition away from gas-powered vehicles.

However, the very same governments pushing this transition are also crippling power companies by placing more and more regulations on the industry.

And the mad dash to force Americans into EVs has hit a major short circuit.

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